Boost LinkedIn Ad Performance with Priority Engine Intent

This article will give you an overview of how you can use Priority Engine to improve LinkedIn ad targeting.

Ensure your LinkedIn ad dollars reach the right accounts and people
LinkedIn advertising has become a mainstay for many technology marketers. However, due to its limited filtering and prioritization capabilities, using LinkedIn alone makes it hard to know who to target, and most importantly - when. Priority Engine's account and prospect-level intent improve LinkedIn advertising response by providing you with exportable lists of the accounts and prospects that are actively researching solutions like yours, enabling more productive ad campaigns and advanced use cases.  

  • Target Priority Engine Accounts to prioritize LinkedIn advertising impressions to in-market accounts
    Targeting accounts displaying recent and relevant intent is one of the best ways to reduce waste and get the most out of your LinkedIn advertising investment. Priority Engine provides you with a list of the most active and engaged accounts in your market that can be easily exported, imported into Campaign Manager, and retargeted across the LinkedIn network.

  • Retarget Priority Engine prospects with LinkedIn ads
    One advantage Priority Engine has over other account-based intent data solutions like Bombora is that it provides you with the actual contact information, including email addresses, for all prospects displaying intent. In addition to retargeting Priority Engine target accounts on LinkedIn, we recommend you supplement your LinkedIn account targeting pool by retargeting our Active Prospects as well. Similar to retargeting off of account intent, Priority Engine prospect intent retargeting is a simple process.

  • Run sophisticated behavioral-based display campaigns

For more advanced LinkedIn customers who have the bandwidth to run separate campaigns with unique creative, Priority Engine allows you to automatically segment and export both accounts and prospects based on specific vendor and technology research areas. This gives you the ability to retarget specific accounts, or people, based on their personal interest areas, improving performance and response.

For example, you may have a list of accounts or prospects who are researching the topic of ‘Ransomware’, and another set who are researching ‘mobile threats’. By following the same process as above, you can set up two separate campaigns targeting these unique audience pools.

Both pools would see the ads that they care about:

  • Campaign #1: Ransomware list - This list would see ads focused on Ransomware
  • Campaign #2: Mobile threats list - This list would receive ads focused on Mobile Attack Protection

Setting this up is easy. You can work with your TechTarget Customer Success Manager to select the topics, set up the lists, and generate your exports. Once this process is up and running in Priority Engine, you can upload your target lists and aligned creative into LinkedIn Campaign Manager and kick-off the campaign. We recommend exporting from Priority Engine and importing into LinkedIn monthly to ensure you reach the most active accounts and prospects when they are showing interest.

To learn more about how to use Priority Engine with LinkedIn advertising, check out our instructional guide here

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