Best Practices for Creating and Uploading a Custom ABM List

One of the most common uses of Priority Engine is to upload custom account lists to prioritize them and find active prospects and insights at your target accounts. This article will teach you the proper way to upload your account lists for the best results.

What’s the best way to target a specific list of accounts within Priority Engine?

The best results and shortest turnaround time typically come from a domain list being provided.  A properly formatted domain list can be made available in Priority Engine within three to five business days.

Alternative ABM list approach: Account name lists can be used, but due to potential variations in naming conventions between your database and Priority Engine's can sometimes lead to missing accounts and extended turnaround times. We recommend using the domain whenever possible.

How do you create a target account list within Priority Engine?

The best way to create an ABM list within Priority Engine is to provide your TechTarget Representative with a single-column spreadsheet listing the domains of the accounts. Using domains as the basis to target ensures the most accurate match rate. This is due to the fact that domain names have less variation than account names.

Domains should be represented as just the website's name and the domain name extension.  For example, TechTarget’s domain is (Website Name = techtarget + domain name extension = .com).

Note: Domain is not synonymous with website address, which for TechTarget would be

Below is the correct format to provide domains in – no special characters or notes should be included in the cell.


What if you don’t have a domain list available to share?

If you do not have domains available for the accounts that you would like to build your ABM list on, a different approach to obtain a domain list would be to trim domains from the emails for the contacts at the selected accounts. 

Using a file with Column A representing contact email addresses, simply follow these steps to create a domain list:

  1. In Column B (assuming row 1 is a header row), add the following formula to cell B2 and copy down the column: =REPLACE(A2,1,FIND("@",A2,1),"")
  2. Right-click on Column B (this will highlight the column), select "Copy".
  3. Next right-click on Column B again and select "Paste Values".
  4. Now delete Column A containing contact email addresses, and you will be left with domain list values in a single column to share with your TechTarget Customer Success Team.

What if you only have account names accessible?

If all that you have available is a list of account names, your TechTarget Representative can create a domain list from the account names - simply provide a single-column spreadsheet with the list of account names. 

Since there can be many ways to represent an account name, this approach could result in wider variations, or in some cases, no match of account names without an exact match.  For example, if "TechTarget" were misrepresented as "Tech Target" with a space in the account name column provided, this would not meet an exact match rule to produce a matching domain. Please also be aware that if a list of account names is provided, the turnaround to make the ABM list available within Priority Engine will be extended.

Below is the correct format to provide account names in – company name only, no special characters or notes should be included in the cell.



A Company

B Company


The below examples should not be provided as ABM lists and will delay a list being created for use within Priority Engine. If this is the only format available, please discuss it with your TechTarget Rep.

Incorrect format examples:


Website address should not be provided as domain

Website address should not be provided as domain – this is a top account

Notes should not be included within the cell of the domain

TechTarget – this is a priority account

Notes should not be included within the cell of the domain &

Only one domain should be listed per cell

TechTarget San Francisco and Singapore

Location notes should not be included with account name

Email address should not be provided as domains

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