Six tips for creating more opportunities with Priority Engine – Top advice from successful sellers

We recently asked a group of successful sellers how they use Priority Engine to find new opportunities and book meetings. Follow their top six tips to set yourself up for success. 

1. Make Priority Engine your sidekick

Making Priority Engine one of your go-to tools is only going to help make your job easier. Following these simple tricks will ensure you’re taking full advantage of all Priority Engine has to offer:

  • Bookmark Priority Engine in your web browser for easy access when you start your workday each morning. 
  • Just like LinkedIn, keep Priority Engine open all day long. Quickly research accounts and prospects before you engage with them to better tailor your outreach. 
  • Enable Priority Engine Email Alerts to receive weekly notifications on new account and prospect activity. Check with your Priority Engine Admin or TechTarget Customer Success Representative to make sure you're signed up! 

2. Prioritize your outreach to the hottest prospects

Priority Engine does the hard work for you by prioritizing the accounts and prospects in your territory based on their recent and relevant research activity and engagement. Use the Top Prospects view as a ready-made call list of high-priority prospects. Start your week off right by working your way through this list first before moving on to more traditional cold outreach. 


3. Surround the buying team – Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Priority Engine helps identify and prioritize the members of buying team based on their level of research activity, engagement, and role. While you should always start with the most active members of the buying team, there is a good chance that the other members may also play a role in the decision-making process. Don't just stop at one contact. Reach out to all members of the buying team to increase your odds of breaking in. 


4. Use filtering for a focused view

Filtering Your Top Account and Your Top Prospect views can make your outreach more efficient. Filter by Entry Points to target specific technology interests or vendor/competitor research, or firmographics for company attributes. 

Pro Tip: Create email and phone templates for specific topic interests so you can quickly reach out to a topically filtered list of prospects with a relevant message.


5. Get Personal – Tailor your outreach for better engagement

Priority Engine helps you quickly identify what an active prospect is researching and the content they have downloaded from you (if they've downloaded content from your TechTarget content syndication program). Referencing these Entry Points helps you easily tailor your outreach to have more meaningful conversations and cut through the noise. 


6. Be quick and persistent

Act quickly when reaching out to accounts/prospects when they are actively researching or engaging with your content, website, or display ads. Don't give up after a few attempts you'll be more effective if you stay on top of your best prospects and continue to reach out. 

Pro Tip: Check out our sample outreach cadence here and our sales training videos here.

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