Your Home Page

Your Priority Engine Homepage is where you can find and access all of the Account Lists available to you. You can also do the following:


Your Account Lists

Your Home Page provides an overview of all the Account Lists you have access to. For any Account List, you can choose to view it as a priority-ranked list of accounts by clicking on Top Accounts or as a priority-ranked list of prospects by clicking on Top Prospects. If you are looking for a specific Account List, you can use the search box at the top left of your screen.

View Other Account Lists

If you are a Priority Engine Administrator, List Builder, or List Supervisor you can access the View Other Account Lists section on your home page. When the territory functionality is set up, you can see reps Account Lists from their perspective. This is a great way for sales managers to view seller's territories in the tool.

To view a user’s Account List, first choose a user from the Select User menu. Next, choose the Account List you would like to view from the Select Account List menu. You can then choose to view this as a ranked Account List or ranked Prospect List.


You also have the ability to start typing in the search bar to easily locate the user that you would like to view the Account List based on their territory.


Activate/Deactivate Email Alerts

Once a Priority Engine Administrator or List Builder has activated Email Alerts for Account Lists you are assigned to, you will have the option to update your subscription status from this page.

Switch the Yes/No toggle for the desired Account List under the Receive Email Alerts? column. Deactivating an Email Alert from this screen will override the assignment made by a Priority Engine Administrator or List Builder. You can reactivate an Email Alert you have been assigned to at any time.

Note that for any Account List that you are opted-in to receive Email Alerts, you will receive both Account Email Alerts and Prospect Email Alerts on a rotating basis.

Viewing and Editing Your Profile Settings

You can view and edit your profile by clicking the portrait silhouette at the top right of your screen, or by clicking on Edit your Profile and Settings to the right of the Your Settings section of the Home Page.

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