Salesforce Account View Syncing

What is Salesforce Account View Syncing?

Activating Account View Syncing


What is Salesforce Account View Syncing?

Salesforce customers have the ability to automatically bring a user's Salesforce Account List Views directly into Priority Engine with just the click of a button. Activating Account View syncing speeds up rep territory management while ensuring reps are always focused on the accounts they care about. This is a powerful feature for Salesforce users that can make both your tools and team more efficient and more effective. Here's how:

  • Rep territories can be defined in Priority Engine using an Account List View.
  • Account List Views can be made into Priority Engine Account Lists that are automatically priority-ranked for you each week.
  • Account List View-based territories will automatically update when you change them in Salesforce - saving you tons of time and manual effort.
  • Account List View-based territories enable reps to see only the accounts they are responsible for, regardless of which Priority Engine Account Lists you assign to them.
  • Priority Engine Account Lists only need to be made once and shared with multiple reps, and they'll each only see the active accounts that matter to them.
  • Reps will have key intent insights on accounts in your Salesforce Account Views to improve outreach

What is a Salesforce Account View?

Salesforce Account Views are an easy and effective way of organizing accounts in Salesforce by key characteristics like region, company size, territory owner, opportunity status, and more. Salesforce Account Views are customizable and have a variety of uses, from territory creation for sales reps, to exportable lists for marketing campaigns. In many ways, they’re very similar to Priority Engine Account Lists. If you’re new to Salesforce Account List Views you can learn about setting them up here:

Syncing Salesforce Account Views with Priority Engine

Once you have your Salesforce Account Views set up, you’re ready to activate Salesforce Account View Syncing in Priority Engine. This will enable the two tools to communicate and automatically update in Priority Engine when you make a change to your View in Salesforce. To get started, see our instructions on enabling Salesforce Account View Syncing. Please note that syncing lists takes 24 hours to take effect.

Using Salesforce Account Views in Priority Engine

After your Salesforce Account Views are synced to Priority Engine, you’re ready to start taking advantage of your new integration. Here are some of the most common and effective ways customers are using this feature today:

  • Help sellers focus, by prioritizing accounts and prospects in their Salesforce Account Views based on recent and relevant purchase behavior.
  • Define and manage changes to rep territories based on their Salesforce Account Views, so reps are always focused on accounts they care about.
  • Run targeted outbound marketing campaigns by automatically exporting Priority Engine prospects from synced Salesforce Account Views into your marketing automation platform. For example:
    • Engage net new prospects from accounts with open opportunities
    • Target specific rep territories or regions
    • Reengage accounts with closed/lost deals
    • Reduce churn by targeting at-risk customers

Activating Salesforce Account View Syncing

To activate Salesforce Account View Syncing, you must have the Priority Engine for Salesforce Insights Widget installed. Installing the Widget only takes a few minutes. Click here for directions.

Salesforce Account View syncing is done on an individual basis so that you can decide which user's views will be brought over. To do so, simply navigate to the Manage Users page, find the user whose Account Views you want to sync, and check the Enable Account View Sync box.

Please note: it takes 24 hours for synced Account Views to take effect.


Syncing will begin the next time a user with that View visits a Salesforce account, lead, or contact page with the Priority Engine for Salesforce Widget installed. Once synced, your Views can be selected when creating a new account list and defining sales territories.

After the initial sync, List Views that are actively used in a Territory or Account List will be eligible to automatically re-sync every day. Views that have been synced, but aren't being used in Priority Engine, will re-sync at minimum every 30 days.

Please Note: Account List Views exceeding 2,000 accounts will not be synced and must be manually uploaded. To do so, please contact your TechTarget Customer Success Manager.

Two ways you can use Salesforce Account Views in Priority Engine

You can use your synced Salesforce Account List Views to create Territories and Account Lists. Use the following instructions to learn how:

Account Views in Territories

1: Click to the Manage Users section at the top of your screen.

2: Choose the user you want to set a territory for and click Edit Profile or +Add User


3: Activate the Territory toggle and click Save user and edit Territory definition


4: Choose the User and Account View you would like to apply from the SFDC imported list of accounts dropdown menu. You may apply any additional filters at this time, although it is not recommended

5: Click Save Territory


Account Views in Account Lists

1: Click to the Manage Account Lists section at the top of your screen

2: Click on +Create Account List or choose an Account List to Edit


3: Give your Account List a name and description

4: Choose the User and Account View you would like to apply from the SFDC Imported Lists dropdown menu under Common Filters. You may apply any additional filters at this time, although it is not recommended

5: Click Save Account List


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