Priority Engine with Integrate offers convenience, time savings, and ensures that you’ll never miss the weekly import of prospects.

Benefits Include:
  • Optimize your investments by automatically exporting Priority Engine Account Lists directly into Integrate.
  • Get the most out of your Priority Engine subscription by ensuring all available prospects are being leveraged.
  • No manual manipulation of data is required. Exported prospect data matches your Integrate standard fields.
  • Simple, straightforward integration process implemented by a TechTarget team with extensive experience in these setups.

Upload Requirements

Setting up Priority Engine with Integrate is a very simple process. In many cases, this can be completed in minutes with the help of your Integrate admin. Follow these simple steps to set up Priority Engine with Integrate:

Create a campaign in Integrate
  • In this campaign, include all recommended fields that should be passed through the integration.
2. Share the SourceID with your TechTarget representative
  • Once the SourceID is provided, a member of the TechTarget team will review the setup, work through any needed updates, and accept the source.
3. Configure lists to execute your marketing strategies
  • Create and export Account Lists in Priority Engine to start nurturing prospects with Integrate.
  • Insert prospects into campaigns for attribution and to track results.
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