Prospect Insights Window

Selecting a prospect will bring up their details in the Prospect Insights window on the right-hand side of your screen. This window provides you with a detailed breakdown of the information about the prospect, including their contact information, level of activity, if they've engaged with your content, and their technology/vendor interests (entry points/research areas).

*use the arrows at the top of the window to move back forth between prospects

Prospect Insights Window Overview

Prospect Details: A snapshot of a prospect's score, contact information, and demographic details.

  • Prospect Score (1-5 stars) is used to priority-ranked against the other prospects in the current list and market segment


 Shows important activities and engagements on the TechTarget network and with your content via a TechTarget syndication program.

  • Actively Researching This Week - Appears when a prospect has been active within the last 7 days.
  • Actively Researching - Appears when a prospect has been active within the last 7-30 days.
  • Downloaded your Content - Details the names of content a prospect has downloaded from your TechTarget content syndication program. If there is more than one piece of content, it will be listed here.


Entry Points: 
Prospect Entry Points are key topics and vendors an individual prospect is researching. As part of the Priority Engine onboarding process, your company will work with your customer success representative to select the Entry Point topics that most align with your go-to-market strategy and historical sales success. 

  • Entry points are ranked in order of their relevance to your current market segment.
  • Use Entry Points to find "best bet" opportunities, identify inroads into deals, and link customer pain points to key sales plays, cadences, and marketing campaigns.
  • Note: Not all prospects will be active on your selected Entry Points


Additional Research Areas (or Research Areas): 
Prospect Research Areas are topics and vendors the prospect is actively researching, but are not the topics your company has selected as key Entry Points. Research Areas give you additional insights outside of your Entry Points to understand a prospect's current interests and pain points. 

  • Additional Research Areas will default to Research Areas if the prospect is not researching any of your selected Entry Points


Prospect Type: 
The prospect type will be denoted on the bottom right corner of your prospect insights window. View our page on Prospect Types to learn more about each type. 

  • TechTarget Lead: A prospect who has downloaded your content via your TechTarget content syndication program.
  • Active Prospect: A prospect who is actively researching relevant topics and Entry Points in your market segment.
  • Additional Prospect: A non-opt-in third-party contact who is not actively researching, but has a job title, function, or persona that signifies that they may be part of the buying team.

Note: Only Account-Level Entry Points and Research Areas display for Additional Prospects.

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