What's New In Priority Engine?

March 2021: New and Improved Email Alerts

We’re excited to introduce updates to Priority Engine Email Alerts, including new Prospect Email Alerts and updates to Account Email Alerts. 

New Prospect Email Alerts

Priority Engine users signed up for Email Alerts will now receive the most active Top Prospects from their Account Lists sent directly to their inboxes. Prospect Email Alerts provide a way for reps to quickly identify the hottest prospects in their territories and see the activities and engagements they have had with you.

Updated Account Email Alerts

With the addition of new Prospect Email Alerts, we have added new data points to Account Email Alerts, including Account Entry Points, so reps can easily identify what their most active accounts are researching.

Users who are signed up to receive Email Alerts will automatically start receiving both Account and Prospect Email Alerts on a rotating basis.

Learn more about Email Alerts.

September 2020: Prospect Insights

We're proud to announce that an upgraded version of Priority Engine brings a brand new look and feel to compliment an industry-first innovation: prospect-level intent data.

The upgraded version of Priority Engine is now available. If you haven't already, you will be hearing from your TechTarget Representative to schedule an upgrade transition discussion.

For a quick 2-minute walkthrough of the new look and features - watch this quick start video:

With this advancement, Priority Engine enables you to:

  • Prioritize every prospect based on their research activity and engagement
  • Access prospect-level technology and vendor interests enabling hyper-personalized sales outreach
  • Boost outbound marketing performance by targeting prospects with shared interests and intent

A number of enhancements are included in this upgrade to improve your experience and results, including a new user interface, curated entry points, enhanced Salesforce integration, and more. Get a quick overview from the following links, or read about the Prospect Insights, Account Insights, and Enhanced Salesforce Integrations sections below.

New Interface Guide: 2020 Release UI Walkthrough

Prospect Insights

Prospect Insights comes with a series of new features to improve prospect identification, prioritization, and engagement for both sales and marketing teams. Learn more about accessing and using prospect insights here:

  • Your Top Prospects - See a priority-ranked list of prospects across all accounts within each Account List.
  • Prospect Highlights - See if they have been recently active, downloaded your content, and are in your CRM.
  • Prospect Entry Points - Get a detailed breakdown of each prospect's personal technology and vendor interests - all ranked in priority order. These can even be customized to your company based on your best entry points into deals.
  • Prospect Ranking Explained - Learn how TechTarget's proprietary prospect ranking works.
  • Prospect Filtering - Quickly select views that surface only the prospects you are most interested in.

Updated Account Insights

To complement the addition of Prospect Insights, we have redesigned the interface to make account insights more accessible and intuitive. Learn how to more about accessing and using account insights data here:

  • Your Top Accounts - Your classic ranked Account Lists with a new look and with easier access to the buying team. 
  • Buying Teams - Know which members of the buying team you need to prioritize before you reach out. 
  • Account Insights - Get a snapshot of the entire buying team's research activity and engagements with your company at the account level.
  • Account Entry Points - Entry points and research areas are rolled up to the account level so you know which topic and vendor interests are most important at the account.
  • Account Ranking Explained - Learn how Priority Engine's Account Ranking algorithm works

Enhanced Salesforce Integrations

To ensure sellers have easy access to new prospect-level intent insights, we have introduced two new ways to integrate Priority Engine with Salesforce, as well as upgrades to existing integrations. 

  • Overview: Priority Engine with Salesforce - Learn how the new updates improve our Salesforce integration - and what a full Salesforce integration can do to increase the effectiveness of your sales team.
  • Understanding Salesforce Integration Components - Get a breakdown of all available integration components, their prerequisites, and quick explanations on how they improve your workflows and systems.
  • Prospect Match - Improved connectivity with Salesforce allows Priority Engine to detect when prospects are already in Salesforce. This enables Priority Engine to show reps which prospects they already know and gives them the option to add new prospects to Salesforce with one click.
  • Priority Engine Insights Tab - The Priority Engine Insights Tab replicates the Priority Engine experience within your existing workflow. Bring the enhanced prospect-level intent data and scores directly into Salesforce Account, Lead, and Contact pages. The Insights Tab provides a full view of account rank, account details, buying team prospects, individual prospect rankings, and prospect-level insights. When combined with the Prospect Match, it even enables reps to add new contacts from Priority Engine to CRM without ever leaving Salesforce.

January 2020: New exportable fields now available

Due to popular request, we have introduced a number of new fields that can now be exported to MAP, CRM, or Excel. These fields include numerical account rank to aid in scoring, LinkedIn profile URLs, and various engagements with you. Use these fields to update the relevancy of your contact database, improve your messaging, and provide reps with recent and actionable insights. Visit our page on exportable data fields to learn about all fields currently available for export.

Clicked Your Banner Whether or not an account has clicked on your banner ad (Yes/No).
LinkedIn Profile URL A direct link to the prospect's LinkedIn profile.
Most Recent Lead Drop The most recent time frame during which a lead was created (week/month/quarter).
New Activity This Week Whether or not activity was detected at an account in the current week. This is based on ANY account activity for the week, not contact specific (yes/no).
Star Ranking A numerical representation of an account's star ranking. Possible values are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Territory The email address of the user whose territory each prospect in the export belongs to.
Timeframe of Banner Click The corresponding time period during which an account clicked on your banner ad (week/month/Quarter)
Timeframe of Website Visit The corresponding time period during which an account visited your website (week/month/Quarter)
Visited Your Website Whether or not an account has visited your website (Yes/No)

Additionally, the field "Account Activities with You" will be renamed "Engaged with your content".


December 2019: Priority Engine Email Alerts help sellers spend less time prospecting and more time selling

Priority Engine users can now have the top accounts from their Account Lists sent directly to their inboxes. This is an easy, effective way to ensure sales reps are notified of the hottest accounts in their territory each week, along with fresh insights into their activity. Email Alerts are a complimentary service for all users. Getting started is simple; visit our page on Priority Engine Email Alerts to learn how.

Once activated, Email Alerts will help your team:

  • Save time researching which accounts should be prioritized due to recent activity
  • Get notified when there is new activity at their target accounts
  • Discover net new opportunities at accounts that only recently became active
  • Keep a close eye on changes to accounts in rep territories
  • Make better use of Priority Engine in their day-to-day workflow

November 2019: Territory-Based User Management, Salesforce Account List View Syncing, LinkedIn Profiles, and Data Quality Enhancements

An improved management interface and the ability to sync Salesforce Account List Views to Priority Engine, helps increase sales productivity and makes managing Account Lists, users, and exports easier and faster. Learn about these new features, enhancements to Priority Engine contact data, and more in this short video: Don't have time to watch the video? Click on any of the following links to learn more about these new features:

  • Salesforce Account List View Syncing - Enhanced Salesforce integration ensures sales users have an up-to-date and accurate picture of the most active accounts in their territory.
  • Territory Management - Seamlessly match a salesperson’s territory or assigned account list directly to their user profile, reducing the number of Priority Engine Account Lists you’ll need to create, and ensuring your sellers will only see the accounts they care about.
  • User Management - Keep track of your team's Account List access, user permissions, and add new users to your team.
  • Account List Management - Get a sortable view of Account List assignments, grant or remove access to them, and create new lists.
  • Export Management - See a snapshot of all of your export settings, quickly adjust their priority order, and activate/deactivate them for automated exporting all from one convenient screen.
  • LinkedIn Profile Matching - New direct links to LinkedIn user handles streamlines the research process by connecting the prospects in Priority Engine to their profiles on LinkedIn. This field will become exportable in early December.
  • Enhanced Contact Data Accuracy - Contact data improvements plus an updated contact selection algorithm surfaces Additional Contacts with the most relevant titles, making them more likely to be involved in buying decisions.

May 2019: Introducing Personalized Account Rankings and Ideal Customer Profiles

Make faster progress with the accounts that matter

Significant changes to Priority Engine make it easier to find and engage best fit accounts. Watch this short video to see what’s changed: Don't have time to watch the video? Click on the links below to learn more about each feature:

  • Save time and boost effectiveness by focusing on accounts that are researching with TechTarget, fit your ICP, and are engaging with you.
  • Enable more personalized outreach that leads to better calls, higher email response rates, and faster routes to new deals.
  • Improve conversion rates by engaging in-market accounts at the exact moment when your solutions are top of mind.

Explore the following resources to learn more about other important release updates:

February 2019:Expanded capabilities for exporting and Inbound Converter

Our most recent updates to the exporting function and Inbound Converter focus on making these features more flexible, powerful, and user-friendly. The following updates were made to Inbound Converter: Inbound Converter was updated to allow your website visitor list to be used as a filter for any other account list. This functionality opens up a wide range of new and powerful possibilities for Inbound Converter customers to cross-reference ABM, sales territory, event attendee, or any other list with their website visitors. Visit our page What is the Inbound Converter? to learn more. The following updates were made to the exporting feature:

  • The option to limit the number of prospects exported per list has been added
  • The option to limit the number of prospects exported per account within each list has been added

Please note: this update does not affect any existing account lists but is now available to be used on them if you so choose.

January 2019: Confirmed Projects are now Accessible in Priority Engine

Confirmed Projects in Priority Engine give sales reps seamless access to an additional layer of intent, helping them prioritize the best opportunities and personalize their outreach using new purchase insights verified by a Confirmed Project Insider.

Customers who are subscribed to the Priority Engine Sales Accelerator or Qualified Sales Opportunities will automatically see a new account list appear in their navigation sidebar. This Confirmed Project list includes all of the Confirmed Projects in your market segment prioritized by the most recent.

If an account has a Confirmed Project, this will automatically be indicated in any account list that account appears in. Clicking on an account will lead you to a full Confirmed Project report about that account, including contact information for the Confirmed Projects Insider.

Users of the Priority Engine for Salesforce Widget will automatically see Confirmed Project data surfaced to their reps via a customized Confirmed Project view.

December 2018: See the accounts engaging with your ads

Priority Engine customers who are running TechTarget brand advertising alongside their lead generation campaigns are seeing a 30-40% lift in account engagement. Now Priority Engine makes it even easier target the accounts clicking on your ads and see the performance of your TechTarget brand campaigns - directly within the ROI Dashboard.

Customers who are running TechTarget advertising campaigns with Priority Engine will now enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily build marketing and sales lists of Active Prospects from accounts clicking on your ads
  • Direct access to performance metrics within the ROI Dashboard to measure the success of your advertising
  • Weekly refreshes of your target account pool based on Priority Engine intent signals
  • Access to new custom account lists of accounts clicking on your ads, including…
    • All engaged accounts in your active TAM
    • Engaged accounts that have visited your website
    • Engaged accounts from a custom account or ABM list

November 2018: ROI Dashboard, Inbound Converter, and SFDC Single Sign-on

Customers tell us often that they want to better leverage their first-party data and more accurately measure the performance of their programs. To help address both of these challenges, we're adding two exciting new features to Priority Engine: website visitor identification and automated performance reporting. Additionally, we've made it much easier for Salesforce users to access Priority Engine insights. To learn how to access and use these new features, please watch this overview video:

  • The ROI Dashboard gives clear insight into Priority Engine’s influence on your existing business and helps identify key segments of your active market that you may be missing. You'll also be able to visualize your impact on pipeline with Salesforce opportunity integration options. Please note this feature is available to Administrators only.
  • Inbound Converter is the fastest path to converting your anonymous website visitors into opportunities. Identify in-market accounts visiting your website, priority-rank them by their research patterns and get access to contacts on their buying team.
  • Single Sign-on makes accessing Priority Engine insights easier than ever. Salesforce users can now instantly access Priority Engine insights on Accounts, Leads, and Contacts as soon as they log in to Salesforce - with no additional steps required.


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