How Activity is Captured and Scored

TechTarget member activity begins with inbound search, with over 200,000 inbound visitors coming to the TechTarget network via organic search links. After a member lands on a TechTarget site and registers, their activity is tracked and tagged against 10,000 granular technology topics. Tracked activity includes clicking on relevant TechTarget articles, downloading topically relevant vendor and editorial content, watching topically relevant videos, and conducting topically relevant social actions on TechTarget owned sites.

TechTarget records billions of member actions at the individual user and account level and uses this information for Priority Engine's predictive account scoring. Combined activity signals across an account team raise or lower specific account scores within Priority Engine.

TechTarget does not sell our proprietary data to third-party providers, nor is it trackable by other intent vendors. Our exclusive purchase intent data is refreshed weekly and only accessible to TechTarget customers. 

In addition to accessing TechTarget’s prospects and data through Priority Engine, you can upload your own custom data and take advantage of Priority Engine's deep prospect database and exclusive account insight to prioritize sales territories, identify prospects from third-party named account lists, focus your marketing efforts on specific regional initiatives and much more.

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