How Does Priority Engine Rank Accounts?

Priority Engine's proprietary account ranking algorithm automatically identifies and prioritizes the most engaged accounts - saving time, increasing productivity, and helping you focus on your best opportunities.

Account ranking is completely personalized to your company. Every active account is prioritized based on a blend of their relevant research activity on the TechTarget network, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and their direct engagement with your website, content, and/or banners.

With BrightTalk intent data incorporated into the account ranking process, any newly added accounts will have additional insights including vendors accounts are researching, topic interests, more enhanced entry point data and other purchasing solutions. Including these insights help to rank and prioritize your top accounts more efficiently.


Priority Engine uses a 0-5 star system to score and rank accounts (see above). The level of account ranking customization depends on your subscription type and the specific features you are using in Priority Engine.

Please Note: The first account on any Account List will be the account that has the highest total score based on the factors listed below. Accounts with the same star value are scored against one another and ranked in descending order.

Account Ranking Explained

The following factors are always included in account ranking:

  • Relevant research activity:
    • Researching Solutions:
      • At least one prospect has been recently researching relevant topics on the TechTarget network
      • Prospects are consuming early to middle stage content
      • Research has taken place over a relatively short period of time
    • Evaluating Vendors:
      • Multiple prospects have been recently researching relevant topics on the TechTarget network
      • Prospects are consuming middle to late-stage content
      • Prospects are downloading content from multiple vendors
      • Research has taken place over a sustained period of time
  • Buying team size

  • The recency of research activity and engagement - Priority Engine uses a rolling 90-day window when considering account research activity, but heavily weights the activity from the past two weeks when determining final ranks. It surfaces activity recency in the following ways: 
    • This Week - within the past 7 days
    • This Month - within the past 30 days
    • No indicator - within the past 90 days

The following are optional features that can influence account ranking:

  • Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) match: Available after you work with your TechTarget representative to define and set your ICP
  • Presence of a Confirmed Project: Available to Sales Accelerator subscribers
  • Downloaded your content: Included in your Priority Engine subscription and available to Lead Accelerator subscribers
  • Visited your website: Available with the activation of Inbound Converter, a complimentary website visitor identification service
  • Clicked on your banner: Available to Brand Accelerator subscribers
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