How Does Priority Engine Rank Prospects?

Priority Engine is the only solution capable of collecting, scoring, and ranking individual contacts based on third-party purchase intent signals to help you better prioritize and engage prospects within your target accounts.


Priority Engine uses a 1-5 star system to score and rank prospects for each account (see above). Prospects with the same star value are scored against one another and ranked in descending order. Prospect ranks and scores are updated weekly based on their level of activity and engagement. 

Priority Engine prospects are prioritized and scored across these categories:

  • Level and quality of activity: Priority Engine ranks prospects based on their overall level of activity and engagement. TechTarget Leads score higher than Active Prospects because they have engaged with your content. Active Prospects score higher than third-party contacts because they're researching solutions in your market segment.
  • Recency of activity and engagement: Priority Engine uses a rolling 180-day window when considering research activity, but heavily weights the activity from the past two weeks when determining final ranks and scores. Activity ranking breakpoints, in order of priority, are as follows:
    • Activity within the past 7 days
    • Activity within the past 8-30 days
    • Activity within the past 31-90 days
    • Activity within the past 90-180 days
  • Relevance of activity: Prospects are ranked and scored based on how closely their research matches the most relevant topics and entry points within your market segment. Prospects who have more activity on key topics or Entry Points will always rank higher than prospects who do not.
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