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What Is Priority Engine?

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What Is Priority Engine?

Priority Engine is a dynamic sales and marketing intelligence tool that gives you direct, real-time access to in-market accounts and opt-in prospects who are actively researching enterprise tech purchases in your market. Accounts and Prospects are prioritized and scored each week based on their level of research activity on the TechTarget network and their engagement with your content, website, and advertising. 

Priority Engine enables your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Identify the accounts and the actual people researching solutions in your market
  • Fuel outbound marketing and sales efforts with new in-market accounts and prospects each week
  • Get intelligence about the account and prospect-level insights to fuel more personalized outreach
  • Verify account and prospect purchase intent from internal and third-party data sources

Quick Start Guide

Priority Engine is a powerful sales and marketing intelligence tool that identifies and prioritizes the most active accounts in your market. In addition to account insights, Priority Engine also provides direct access to real, opt-in buying team contacts along with insights into the relevant technologies and pain points those individuals are researching.

This quick start guide will help orient you to the tool and suggest ways to utilize the powerful data within. Start by watching this 2-minute video overview:

Now that you have a basic understanding of Priority Engine navigation and data, here are some of the most popular use cases and features to take advantage of:

Create and Access Dynamic Account Lists

Account Lists are used to filter and prioritize accounts and prospects in your market into tailored views that match your goals. Once created, Priority Engine automatically priority-ranks them every week. They can be created by Admins or List Builders using any combination of dozens of filters ranging from topical interests, competitive interests, engagements with you, firmographics, installed technologies, and more. They can also be built around specific sales territories or set up to automatically reflect Salesforce Account Views. Account List results, prospects, and insights can be automatically imported into your contact database to fuel email nurture campaigns, sales cadences, and advertising programs.

Prioritize Your Top Accounts & Prospects Each Week

Priority Engine automatically ranks your top Accounts and Prospects every week, enabling you to focus your efforts on your best opportunities. Accounts are ranked based on relevant, recent activity of the entire buying team and engagements with your company like website visits, ad clicks, and content downloads. Prospects are ranked based on their individual research activity, including which topics and vendors match your company's entry points, relevant research areas, and if they have downloaded your content. Account and prospect scores can even be imported into MAPs and CRMs so you can target your marketing and sales outreach to the hottest prospects in your market.

Personalize Outreach with Account & Prospect Intent Insights

Account and prospect insights are found on all account and prospect pages when activity is detected. Entry Points and Research Areas contain insights on the exact topics, vendors, and technologies an account or prospect is interested in. They should be used to help guide your outreach, define discovery questions, and personalize your emails and calls to improve response and increase conversion. Engagements with your company like website visits, content downloads, and ad clicks help you differentiate warmer accounts and choose the appropriate tone for your messaging. Top sellers and marketers who use these insights are 12x more likely to have emails opened and 2x more likely to generate an opportunity.

Import & Export Data to MAP and CRM

Priority Engine can enhance your other sales and marketing tools by importing new accounts, contacts, and insights directly into marketing automation systems and CRMs. There are many options to ensure that the valuable data in Priority Engine makes its way into the systems. Learn more about them here:

Measure and Prove Success

At the end of the day, everything you do with Priority Engine is about your results. Priority Engine's ROI Dashboard gives you an intuitive in-tool dashboard to monitor your progress and prove your impact on pipeline.

To learn more about what you can do with Priority Engine, visit our best practice and training sections:

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PE Kickoff Questionnaire

To ensure we make the most of our Priority Engine discussions, we ask that your team review the following questions to prepare for the Priority Engine onboarding process. This will help make the onboarding process faster and more effective for you.

If you would prefer to fill this checklist out in a word doc, you can download it here.

Campaign KPIs

  • What are your primary campaign KPIs?
  • What is your average deal size and sales cycle?
  • What reports do you use to measure those KPIs?

Contact Flow, Systems, and Tools

  • What systems are in your Martech Stack?
  • MAP/CRM/Sales engagement tools
  • If using Salesforce, which version?
  • Please describe how a contact flows through your system.
    • For example: If I come in as a lead to your system today, where does my name go?
  • How do contacts get routed/what is routing based on? (E.g. topical relevancy, industry, something else?)
  • How do your Reps identify the source of the lead?
  • How do your MAP and CRM interact with each other? Does MAP sync to CRM and all records live in both, are only some records promoted to CRM? Please describe.
  • How do you handle duplicate records?
  • What data sources are you currently using for contacts?
  • What are your contact opt-in rules?

Marketing Use Case and Messaging

  • Do you have nurture streams? If so, what are they based on?
  • What level of personalization do you use, if any?
  • Please provide copies of current nurture streams.
  • How do contacts convert to an MQL?
  • What happens after a contact converts to an MQL?
  • How do contacts convert to an SQL?
  • Please describe your scoring methodology

Sales Use Case and Messaging

  • Describe your sales team set up - SDRs/BDRs, AEs, Field Reps, etc.
  • How is your sales organization aligned? (i.e. 1 BDR supports 2 AEs etc.)
  • How many reps are on each team?
  • Describe your sales team territories, if applicable
  • How is each sales team goaled? What are their primary metrics and KPIs?
  • What tools do reps spend the majority of their day-to-day in? E.g. Salesforce, sales engagement platforms etc.
  • Do you prefer your sales team continue to work in their current systems (i.e. Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft)? Or do you envision them logging into Priority Engine as part of their workflow?
  • What sales outreach cadences do you use today? Please provide examples so we can determine how to layer in Priority Engine intent data.
  • What other data sources is your sales team using?

Download the questionnaire here.

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