Your Top Accounts

Your Top Accounts is a collective summary of active accounts within the specified Account List, priority-ranked each week based on the relevant research activity of the buying team, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and direct engagements with your content, website, and display ads.

On your Home Page, you can view all the Account Lists you have access to. Within each Account List, you can choose to view by Top Accounts or Top Prospects.


Clicking on Top Accounts will bring you to the Your Top Accounts results page, a priority-ranked list of this week's top active accounts within your selected Account List. This page defaults to the top 200 accounts based on their recent and relevant research activity making it easy for you to go after the most active accounts in your market. 


The Your Top Accounts view will present you with additional information and an account summary to help you quickly understand why each account has been scored and prioritized.

These details include: 

  • Account Score: Accounts are scored from 0-5 stars based on a combination of weekly research activity, ICP fit, the volume of buying team contacts, and engagements with your content, website, and/or display ads.
  • Account Highlights: For each account listed, you will see two detailed columns: Account Highlights and Account Entry Points. Account Highlights include Account Insights such as research activity and engagements with you.


  • Account Entry Points: Account Entry Points are key topics that at least one member of the account buying team is researching. As part of the Priority Engine onboarding process, you will work with your customer success representative to select research areas that most align with your go-to-market strategy and historical sales success. Once selected, these topics will be defined in the Priority Engine as Your Entry Points at the account and prospect level.

    Entry Points can be used to find "best bet" opportunities, identify inroads into deals, and align to key sales plays, cadences, and marketing campaigns. Account Entry Points will be ranked by the level of activity on the topic. The top three will appear on Your Top Accounts page for each account (when available).


  • Buying Team Window: When an account is selected, you will see the Buying Team window for each account displayed on the right side of the page. You can identify if an account is selected because it will be highlighted with a grey background. Within the Buying Team window, you will see all the active prospects and third-party contacts at that account, priority-ranked by their research activity and engagement with you. To see all the contacts at that account, simply click the ‘more’ button at the bottom of the Buying Team window and scroll down.

    You can quickly highlight the account buying team at any account within this view by hovering over the account details section and clicking. For every member of the Buying Team, you can view their name, email, job title, LinkedIn handle, phone number, score, and if they have new activity this week.

    Note: Clicking on the company name or company logo will bring you out of this view and directly to the Account Details page for the selected account.


Clicking on a prospect’s name within the Buying Team window will open the Prospect Insights Window. Here you see detailed insights specific to an individual prospect, including contact information, as well as seniority, job function, location, Prospect HighlightsProspect Entry Points, and Research Areas. You can toggle through all of the account buying team prospects using the arrows at the top of the Prospect Insights Window without leaving the Your Top Accounts page.


Results from Your Top Accounts can also be easily exported in Excel or automatically uploaded into leading marketing automation systems via a simple integration process.

Email Alerts

If you have Priority Engine Email Alerts enabled, you will receive an email with the most active accounts within the assigned Account Lists, as well as Entry Points those accounts are researching in the Account Email Alert. You will also receive an email with the most active prospect Accounts for the assigned Account List within the Prospect Email Alert. Learn more about Email Alerts.

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