Account Entry Points

Account Entry Points are topics and vendors that at least one member of the account Buying Team is researching. This research occurs within the larger context of your market segment. For example, if you have access to the Cloud Security segment and you see that a Prospect’s Research Area is ‘Artificial Intelligence’, this means that the prospect has been researching both AI and Cloud Security together. As part of the Priority Engine onboarding process, you will work with your customer success representative to select the Entry Points that most align with your go-to-market strategy and historical sales success. Once selected, these topics will be defined in the Priority Engine as your Entry Points at the account and prospect level.

Account Entry Points can be found on any Account List when viewed as Your Top Accounts. They can also be found on any Account Detail Page.


Entry Points can be used to find "best bet" opportunities, identify inroads into deals, and link customer pain points to key sales plays, cadences, and marketing campaigns. Account Entry Points will be priority-ranked by the level of activity on the topic across the Buying Team.  

Account Entry Points should not be confused with Prospect Entry Points, which are at the individual level. To understand which type of Entry Point you are working with before starting your outreach, check the top column or header of the data section you are working in.

Please note: Due to the fact that not all prospects known to TechTarget show enough activity to qualify for the Buying Team at an account, it is possible Prospect Entry Points differ slightly from Account Entry Points. Account Entry Points will not display if your admin has not worked with TechTarget's customer success team to configure them in Priority Engine.

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