Prospect Filtering

If you are looking for a specific person, job title, persona, or demographic detail, you have a number of ways to search for them in Priority Engine. First, choose what you would like to search for using the dropdown menu at the top-left of the Your Top Prospects view. You can search for any of the following details:


  • Title - type in specific words or phrases found in a prospect's title
  • Job Function - a list of job title categories to choose from. For example, a VP of IT Operations would be the "VP - Operations" job function. This enable you to find certain types of prospects without worrying about exact title wording.
  • Seniority
  • Highlights - choose from a list of Priority Engine highlights that you may want to focus in on. For example, "CRM Status: New to You" would be useful for finding new prospects.
  • Entry Points - Search for prospects that are actively researching specific Entry Points
  • Research Areas - Search for prospects that are actively researching specific Research Areas
  • Address/Location
  • Phone
  • Name
  • Account Name

By clicking the plus button next to your filtering criteria you can add additional sets of criteria for your search. This allows you to combine any of the above criteria to create highly sophisticated searches. Keep in mind, if you are using multiple criteria, Priority Engine will use 'AND' logic, returning all results that meet any of the criteria.

Some criteria give you the option to apply 'OR' logic. This will only apply 'OR' logic to those criteria - not the entire search.


You also have the option to search for prospects within an Account Details Page. This will focus your search to only the members of the buying team at a specific account and can be useful when prospecting larger accounts with many Active Prospects




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