Account Detail Page

The Account Detail pages give you full access to valuable purchase intent insights and prospect details for every active account in Priority Engine.

Account Detail pages are accessed via the Your Top Accounts page, or by using the Account Search field.


Account Detail Page: Overview

Simply click on the account’s name or logo from Your Top Accounts page to bring up the full Account Detail page. Here you will find everything you need to know about an account’s background and behavior so you can prep before a call and write more personalized emails.

If you subscribe to Priority Engine Confirmed Projects, your account page view will be replaced by the Confirmed Project report when available.

Buying Teams
The first section of the Account Detail page highlights all of the known members of the account Buying Team, including verified contact information and scores. The Buying Team is separated into three key sections: 


  • Prospect: This section includes the prospect’s name, direct LinkedIn profile link (when available), job title, and score. Priority Engine uses a 1-5 star prospect scoring system to prioritize and rank prospects. Prospects are scored based on their fit, level of research activity (how recent; how relevant), and engagement with your content via your TechTarget content syndication program.
  • Prospect Highlights: This section includes if the prospect is actively researching and if they downloaded your content via your TechTarget content syndication program.
  • Prospect Details: This section includes the prospect’s corporate email address and phone number. Clicking directly on the prospect’s email address will open a new email to the prospect. 

Prospect Search
To find specific people or identify buying team members with shared attributes, you can type and search in the ‘Search Prospect’ box or click ‘Advanced Settings’, where you can search by Name, Job Title, Entry Points, Prospect Highlights, Phone Number, or Location.


Market Segment
If you subscribe to multiple market segments, you will see a drop-down at the top of your screen next to View showing you every market segment where the account is displaying some level of activity. Clicking on different segments will change the data based on the activity and topics within that market segment. Clicking on All will show you a consolidated view of activity across all market segments. 



Your Website Activity

If you have Inbound Converter enabled, this section will show you a detailed view of an account's activity on your website. Uncover an account's activity in real-time and view a snapshot of total traffic, change in traffic, and the last time an account visited your website. Below, you will see details of which specific pages are being visited in a timeline view on the Website Journey tab, and on Webpage Details, you can identify the most visited pages and click to open the URL to visit that page. Learn more about Inbound Converter here or contact your TechTarget Customer Success rep to get set up.


Installed Technologies

The Installed Technologies section provides details on what technologies are currently installed within the organization globally. This can help you position your messaging and pitch where you see clear competition, partnerships, and integrations. Get a detailed view of the account’s current global technology footprint – all powered by HG Insights.


Account Insights
On the right side of the Account Detail page, you will see the Account Insights window. This section provides all the essential details includes the Account Score, Company Revenue, and Company Size. Below the Company Details, you will see the Account Highlights, Account Entry PointsResearch Areas, and Intent Signals.

  • Account Score: Accounts are scored from 0-5 stars based on a combination of weekly research activity (how recent; how relevant), ICP fit, the volume of buying team contacts, and engagements with your content, website, and/or display ads.
  • Account Highlights: Account Highlights displays account research activity and engagements with you, including the following:


    • Actively Researching This Week - This activity signal will trigger if an Active Prospect at the account is researching in the past 7 days on the TechTarget network, engaging with your website, content, or display ads and/or TechTarget delivered a Confirmed Project in the previous week.
    • Ideal Customer Profile - If your company has selected an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) in Priority Engine, you will be notified any time an account matches this profile. ICP will also be factored into your personalized account scoring algorithm.
    • Evaluating Vendors can include:
      - Prospects are consuming late-stage content
      - Prospects are downloading content from multiple vendors
      - Prospects have looked at content from at least 3 different vendors over the last 90 days
    • Clicked your banner– If you are running digital advertising with TechTarget, all banner clicks will be surfaced in Priority Engine.
    • Visited your website– If you are utilizing Inbound Converter, you will see when an account is active on the TechTarget network AND has visited your website.
    • Downloaded your content– If you are running content syndication with TechTarget, you will see when an account has downloaded your content.
  • Account Entry Points: Account Entry Points are key topics and vendors that at least one member of the account Buying Team is researching. As part of the Priority Engine onboarding process, you will work with your customer success representative to select the Entry Points that most align with your go-to-market strategy and historical sales success. Once selected, these topics will be defined in the Priority Engine as your Entry Points at the account and prospect level.


    Note:  Account Entry Points will not display if your admin has not worked with TechTarget's customer success team to configure them in Priority Engine. 

    Entry Points can be used to find "best bet" opportunities, identify inroads into deals, and link customer pain points to key sales plays, cadences, and marketing campaigns. Account Entry Points will be priority-ranked by the level of activity on the topic across the Buying Team.  
  • Account Research Areas: Get additional details about the vendors influencing the account and the topics prospects are researching. Research Areas are topics the account is researching in your market segment, but you have not selected them as important Entry Points. If you have not worked with your customer success team to select Entry Points, this section will default to just displaying research areas. 

  • Intent Signals: The account Intent Signals section provides all purchase intent signals and activity signals specific to the selected account.  Account intent and activity signals help you better understand the level of research activity at the account.
  • Firmographic Details: Additional company information including Company Description, Address, Social Media Links, Website, and Company Phone Number can find on the bottom of the right side of the page Below Account Research Areas
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