What is Prospect Insights?

Prospect Insights is an expansion to Priority Engine that gives you access to TechTarget's exclusive Prospect-Level Purchase Intent data. With Prospect Insights, Priority Engine will now provide a holistic view of purchase intent in your market, from the active accounts moving towards a purchase - down to the unique research behavior, interests, and engagements from the individual members of the buying team. With Prospect Insights, your team will now be empowered to:

  • Prioritize actual prospects based on their ideal fit, research activity, and engagement
  • Deliver prospect-level interests and entry points enabling hyper-personalized sales outreach
  • Boost outbound marketing performance by targeting prospects with shared interested and intent

When added to your Priority Engine subscription, Prospect Insights unlocks the following data enhancement and features:

  • Prospect-Level Intent Scores: Focus on the prospects who are most likely to respond and convert. 

  • Priority Ranked Prospect Lists: See all prospects across all accounts on your Account list priority-ranked by their unique activity and engagement.

  • Prospect Highlights: See how active individual prospects are, how they have engaged with your company, and if they are in your CRM

  • Entry Points: Get a detailed breakdown of each prospect's personal technology and vendor interests, all ranked in priority order. Entry Points are customized to your company and can be used to find "best bet" opportunities, identify inroads into deals, and link customer pain points to key sales plays, cadences, and marketing campaigns.

  • New Salesforce Connected App: See if a prospect is already in your CRM. Add them with one click if they are not. (Coming soon)
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