The Buying Team

The Buying Team is a list of all the prospects at the account priority-ranked by their unique research activity (how recent/how relevant) and score.

You can easily access the Buying Team by selecting an account from the Your Top Accounts page and the prospects will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.


You also have the option of accessing the Buying Team from the Account Details page by clicking on the account name or logo from the Your Top Accounts page, or the Your Top Prospects list.


To find buying team members that match specific demographic and intent attributes, you can type your search into the Search Prospect box or use Advanced Settings to search by name, job title, Entry Points, Prospect Highlights, phone number, or location.


The Buying Team is broken out into three sections: Prospect, Prospect Highlights, and Prospect Detail

Prospect: The Prospect section contains key demographic data and scores.

  • Demographics: Prospect name, LinkedIn profile link, and job title.
  • Prospect Score: Prospects are scored from 1-5 stars based on a combination of weekly research activity (how recent; how relevant), and engagements with your content. 


Prospect Highlights:
The Prospect Highlights section provides additional information on the prospect type and research activity.

  • Actively Researching This Week - This activity signal will trigger if the prospect has recently been researching on the TechTarget network (in the past 7 days) or recently engaged with your content.
  • Account Entry Points: This signal will trigger if the prospect or account has been researching your selected Entry Point topics.
  • Downloaded your content: This signal will trigger if the prospect downloaded content from your TechTarget content syndication program. 
  • Prospect Type: Indicates if the prospect is classified as a Lead, an Active Prospect, or an Additional Prospect.


Prospect Details:
  This section includes the prospect’s email address and phone number. Clicking directly on the prospect’s email will automatically open up a new email to them in your email system.



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