What are Research Areas?

Research Areas are technology topics and vendors the buying team or an individual prospect is researching. This research occurs within the larger context of your market segment. For example, if you have access to the Cloud Security segment and you see that a Prospect’s Research Area is ‘Artificial Intelligence’, this means that the prospect has been researching both AI and Cloud Security together. Each week Priority Engine priority-ranks the research activity of buying teams and individuals and provides you the Research Areas they're most interested in. These Research Areas can be used to guide your outreach and craft highly personalized pitches.


If there are specific Research Area topics that you want your team focused on, you can work with your TechTarget representative to select your top Entry Points. Doing so ensures the exact topics and vendors that are most relevant to your sales and marketing initiatives will be prioritized above other Research Areas. Entry Points will also inform your personalized prioritization algorithm to help further prioritize account and prospect lists. 

Selecting your Entry Points is a powerful tool to personalize Priority Engine to your company so that your team can stay focused on individuals who are active on the topics and vendors where you have the best inroads to a deal. Click here to learn more.

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