Sample Call Script

Below is a sample call script sales reps have found useful for prospect phone outreach. Using intent signals from an account page can help you prepare for a call. Refer to the highlighted screenshot to learn where to find the insights we used from your account page.

Before leveraging this script, we recommend you watch the video on the do's and don'ts of an intent driven sale.



My name is REP NAME and I’m calling from CLEARLY STATE YOUR COMPANY NAME.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of us before, but YOUR COMPANY NAME is a global leader in the ENTRY POINT (i.e. Cyberattack) market.

The reason that I’m calling is over the course of the next few weeks we’re giving presentations on  ENTRY POINT (i.e. Cybercrime), focusing on how companies like yours in the PROSPECT INDUSTRY can address the core issues related to ADDITIONAL RESEARCH AREA (i.e. Security vulnerabilities)

Because a lot of vendors like VENDORS INTEREST (i.e. Capsule8) are addressing issues in this space, the presentation is to help professionals like yourself better understand how to implement and manage this type of technology in a way that maximizes cost saving.  We want to just give you some ideas so if you ever have any projects in this area you know what is available to INSERT PROSPECT COMPANY NAME.

Does any of this sound interesting to you?

Do you have time the week of INSERT DATE for our presentation team to drop by your office or to provide a screen-share?

Just to tailor the presentation to your own areas of interest, is there anything else you would like us to cover?

I really appreciate your time today and look forward to building a relationship with INSERT COMPANY NAME. Is there anyone else on your team you feel would benefit from this presentation as well?

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