Defining Territories

What are Priority Engine Territories?

A territory is a set of criteria or a list of accounts that serve as an overall filter for an individual user's Priority Engine Account Lists. Territories replace the task of creating and managing individual Priority Engine Account Lists for every user and ensure a user's Account Lists only reflect the accounts the user cares about.

Once a user’s territory is defined, any Account Lists they have access to will automatically be filtered by the criteria set in their territory. Defining a user’s territory does not override the ability to search for an account outside of their territory.

Territories can be defined based on the following: 

  • A custom list: Any uploaded list can serve as a territory. This is common for sales reps or for companies that practice an ABM approach.
  • A synced Salesforce Account View: After activating sale for a user, their individual Salesforce Account Views will become an option by which to filter their territory. This is most common for defining sales rep territories.
  • Research Location: Accounts conducting research in a given region
  • HQ Country: Accounts with corporate headquarters in a given country
  • HQ State/Province: Accounts with corporate headquarters in a given state or province
  • Industry: Accounts within a specific industry
  • Employee Range: Accounts within a specified company size

How to Define a Territory

A territory can be defined when a user is first created or defined later by editing their profile. To do so, create or edit a user's profile on the Manage Users page, switch the Territory toggle to Enabled, and click Edit Territory definition.


The majority of the time a territory is set using only one of the following options, but they can be combined if you choose to do so.

  1. To define a user’s territory using a list of accounts that have already been manually uploaded, select a list from the Use this manually uploaded list of accounts toggle.
  2. To include a Salesforce Account View, select a list from the Use this SFDC imported list of accounts toggle.
  3. Fill in your Territory Criteria to filter the territory by Research Location, HQ Country, HQ State/Province, Industry, and Employee Range.
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