Manage Account Lists

The Manage Account Lists page is used to create, edit, and manage user access to all of your Account Lists from one central location. You can also use this section to get an at-a-glance overview of your Account Lists and who is assigned to them. To access the Manage Account Lists page, click on Account Lists under the Manage section.

Please Note: Read Only users do not have access to the Manage Account Lists page.


1: Create a new Account List by clicking on the Create Account List button at the top right of the screen. Here you can also use the Find Account List function to quickly find specific lists.

2: Expand an Account List to manage which users are assigned to it. Once expanded, you can search for specific users or sort by any column header. Job Function and Territory will only populate if the user has completed their User Profile or has a Territory assigned to them.

3: Use the Has Access toggle to add or remove individual users from an Account List. Quickly add or remove all users from an Account List by clicking on Add/Remove Access.

4: Set any Account List to automatically add all new users by selecting Give new users access. When enabled, all new Priority Engine users that register under your subscription will automatically be granted access to that Account List. This is most often used for Account Lists with broad filters that are applicable to most users. In this section, you can also Edit, Delete, Enable Email Alerts, or view an export Snapshot of your Account List.

Please Note: You cannot view an Account List's results from the Manage Account Lists page. Account List results can be accessed from your Home page, Account List Editing screen, or by selecting one from the dropdown on the left navigation bar.

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