Improve response rates using engagement insights

1. Focus on accounts that have engaged with you more than once

Knowing if an account is actively in-market for a solution or downloaded your content or visited your website is a good indication of interest, but knowing when an account has done all three significantly increases the chances that someone is ready for a real conversation.

In addition, accounts that have already engaged with you are often more likely to engage with you again since they have already been acquainted with your brand. In fact, in recent tests, we found that prospects who have already visited your website are 2x more likely to engage with your digital advertising.

It has never been easier to identify accounts that have multiple engagements with you. On any account list Priority Engine will show you exactly which engagements have taken place, how recently they have occurred, who engaged with your content, and what prospects have been recently researching solutions like yours.

We recommend prioritizing exporting prospects from accounts that have the most, and most recent, engagements to ensure those prospects are being nurtured. Sales reps should take note of which accounts are most engaged so they can prioritize them in their outreach.

2. Incorporate engagements into your email nurture

Engagements with you are more than just signals that you should be paying attention to an account. They are also touch-points you can reference to add context and credibility to your messaging.

Acknowledging that someone at a prospect's company is interested in your solutions because they downloaded your content, visited your website, or clicked on your banner ad can help establish rapport and move you past the "get to know you" phase faster. Just keep these best practices in mind when using this approach:

  • Remember that these are account-level insights, so don't assume the prospect you are speaking to is the one who clicked your banner or visited your website
  • Beware the creepy/cool line - there is a clear line between respectfully acknowledging an interaction in a way that builds rapport and making a prospect feel like they are being monitored. Crossing this line can land them on your unsub list.
  • Take a helpful tone and offer something of value to go along with your outreach

Try adopting an email template like this one using the "Visited your website" insight:

Is [ACCOUNT NAME] struggling with data quality?


[FIRST NAME], do you think that [ACCOUNT NAME] is taking full advantage of its internal data? For 97% of companies, the answer is no.

It came to my attention that your company has recently started researching data quality solutions on our website and so I thought I would reach out to tell you how [YOUR COMPANY NAME] can help.

The first step towards high data quality is identifying and understanding common pitfalls. To get you started, I've provided this free e-book designed to help you and your colleagues identify common data quality problems you may be facing at [ACCOUNT NAME].

If you find this helpful, let me know! I would be happy to assist [ACCOUNT NAME] with your ongoing research into data quality to help you turn your data into revenue and cost-saving opportunities.


3. Encourage sales reps to use Priority Engine in their outreach

Getting a prospect to respond to an email or stay on a call is one of the most challenging, and frustrating, tasks for salespeople. Today most of us are likely to screen unknown callers and wage war against inbox spam. . If your sellers aren’t actively using Priority Engine, encourage them to reference engagements insights to help them break through. In fact, we've found that prospects who have already visited your website are 21% more likely to engage with a sales rep on a call.

Here's an example of how a rep can use engagement insights in their outreach, all drawn from an account summary page:


My name is [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. I am reaching out today because some of your colleagues have recently been researching data quality solutions with us on our website.

I wanted to follow up and share how [YOUR COMPANY NAME] helps the 97% of companies that feel like they aren’t fully utilizing their internal data to reach their full potential. We've even helped companies like [SUCCESS STAT ABOUT SIMILAR COMPANY TO PROSPECT'S]. Is this something you would be more interested in talking about today?

IF NO: No problem at all, thanks for taking my call – I had also planned on reaching out to [LIST 2 OTHER TECHTARGET ACTIVE PROSPECTS] on this topic – could you direct me to the best person to speak to?

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