Nurturing Prospects by Purchase Stage

Priority Engine subscribers who engage prospects by purchase stage see significant improvements in response rates and ROI, but identifying where prospects are in the buyer's journey is not always as easy as it appears.

Below we've provided a framework to help define the purchase process and the best practices for engaging prospects by stage. If you're interested in learning how Priority Engine can help you identify late-stage buyers, please view our guide to increasing prospect lead scores.

Awareness Stage

  • Definition:  Prospects are gathering information and identifying business challenges.
  • Approach: Email educational content outlining the broad market challenges your solutions address.
  • Content Types: Non-technical white papers, industry trends, analyst reports.
  • Goal: Establish credibility.

Consideration Stage

  • Definition:  Prospects are evaluating products and vendors for an upcoming investment.
  • Approach: Use email and phone outreach to offer content that outlines your solutions and capabilities.
  • Content Types: Datasheets, brochures, technical white papers, comparative buyer’s guides.
  • Goal:  Get on the shortlist.

Decision Stage

  • Definition:  Prospects are finalizing the shortlist for an upcoming purchase.
  • Approach: Call prospects and offer content that validates your solutions.
  • Content Types: Case studies, ROI/TCO analysis, 3rd party vendor comparisons.
  • Goal: Schedule a meeting with the key decision-makers.

For a more detailed analysis of content goals by stage, please see the TechTarget Content Map Foundation below.


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