Understanding the TechTarget Prospect Verification Process

TechTarget takes data quality seriously. We use a rigorous 5-step validation process on every contact before they ever enter Priority Engine. To ensure data is always accurate and up-to-date we are continuously cleansing and appending data. Through this process, we methodically confirm live email addresses, contactable phone numbers, valid company info, and recent activity across our entire database.


Step 1: User Registration

Before buyers start their research, they must voluntarily complete a registration form and provide their contact information generally consisting of their name, corporate email, phone number, job title, role, seniority, and other firmographic information. All users agree to the collection and sharing of their contact information through clear and prominently presented language in their initial registration interaction, and confirm their agreement by completing the registration process

Step 2: Company Verification

Wherecompany information is provided at registration, it is verified to confirm its authenticity. A user-provided company name must match a list of globally verified organizations, including common misspellings and abbreviations, to ensure an accurate company match. Contacts are rejected from TechTarget’s Priority Engine if the company name cannot be verified.

Step 3: Phone Number Verification

All phone numbers are verified using reputable third-party contact databases. If the phone number cannot be verified across multiple contact databases, TechTarget representatives will attempt to contact the prospect directly. Contacts are rejected from Priority Engine if the direct or corporate phone numbers cannot be verified.

Step 4: Job Title Updates

All user-provided job titles are verified using reputable third-party contact databases. TechTarget will update and/or replace job titles based on LinkedIn job title where applicable.

Step 5: Confirmed and Continuous Activity

TechTarget uses first-party cookies to monitor the research behavior of buyers on the TechTarget network. As soon as a verified prospect is active in your market segment, they will be added to Priority Engine. Priority Engine continuously monitors the prospect’s research activity, including email response, content views, searches, and social interactions across the network.

Only TechTarget contacts who are recently active within your market segment remain in Priority Engine.

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