Priority Engine User Groups

TechTarget hosts a series of regional and virtual user group meetings where customers come together to share their success stories, highlight new use cases and discuss how Priority Engine has helped address some of their most common sales and marketing challenges.

Below you will find a summary of our most recent user group meetings. Read on to learn how your peers from around the world are using Priority Engine to achieve success.

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East Coast Events

Using Purchase Intent to Drive Success: Key Tips from Priority Engine Users on Getting Started, Executing and Measuring Results

Sales and marketing professionals in the Boston area recently gathered to share their experiences using Priority Engine. Here are the key takeaways for successful Priority Engine usage throughout its core stages.

Successful Approaches to Using Intent Data – Practical Tips from Priority Engine Users

Increasing sales adoption of Priority Engine, incorporating its data into other systems, and measuring its success are a few key areas in which Priority Engine users commonly seek advice. We recently met with a variety of Priority Engine users and gathered their experiences tackling these common challenges. Here are their top three concerns and takeaways for tackling them.

3 Tips for More Effective Nurturing, Outreach and Measurement – TechTarget Priority Engine User Insights

Sales and marketing professionals from the Boston area recently gathered at TechTarget Headquarters to network and share successes and challenges with other TechTarget Priority Engine users.

Best Practices to Help Sales Be More Productive Using Data

Sales adoption in a crowded toolset can be a challenge. See how other users are getting buy-in, building hooks, and using reporting to make this process easier.

Finding Innovators and Empowering Sales

Users share clever ways of using Priority Engine to find perfect-fit prospects and drastically increase their outreach response rates. Some of these tactics may surprise you!

Intent Data Isn't Just for Marketing

Learn how other users are achieving mass personalization, improving their marketing-sales hand-off, driving sales with a data-centric approach and finding new demand within existing accounts.

Actionable Data = Power - 5 Key Findings

Find out what sales teams actually do with Priority Engine data. Topics range from workflows to ABM list building and more.

West Coast Events

New Lessons on Lead Gen, ABM & GDPR from EMEA Priority Engine User Group

In our most recent quarterly peer roundtable in Europe, Priority Engine users once again shared their approaches to using intent data to fuel their marketing and sales goals.

Showcase the Value of Intent within Your Organization

Getting your sales team to use new tools and justifying that marketing spend with real results can be a challenge. See real examples from other users of how they are using dashboards to visualize their data and learn how they are introducing new tools for continued success.

3 Data-Driven Marketing Takeaways

Some of our San Francisco customers have found success using Priority Engine by delivering account and contact intelligence directly to inside sales teams. Others are focusing on using the tool's intent indicators to inform their content strategy and build highly-segmented nurture lists based on recency and relevancy.

EMEA Events

Behavioral Data is the Key to Nurturing, ABM and Sales Enablement Success

There was a lot to discuss at our Paris user group meeting. Topics ranged from precision marketing to the importance of keeping a tight-knit connection between your sales and marketing teams.

4 Keys to Better Sales Qualification

This roundtable discussion was driven by current clients who are using Priority Engine to fuel their outbound calling qualification and “Sales Support” strategy. Attending marketers had strong results to share.

Data-Centric Marketing Stories in EMEA

This discussion includes stories of how customers are making faster progress with purchase intent. These marketers are putting intent data to work within their marketing and sales organizations - see how!

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