What is the Priority Engine Brand Accelerator

We all understand the importance of increasing brand consideration through advertising, but historically it has been a challenge getting actionable performance data from brand programs.

Advertising in conjunction with Priority Engine has helped our customers engage 30-40% more accounts than just running content syndication alone. What’s more, customers see an average 25% increase in consideration rate, 22% increase in CTR, and double the opportunities in their pipeline.

Priority Engine's Brand Accelerator provides a reliable way for customers to know when their ads have influenced an account, who the active prospects are at those accounts, and how much of their TAM they have influenced.


With Brand Accelerator, Priority Engine customers can:

  • Identify the Active Prospects at accounts that have clicked on ads from TechTarget campaigns
  • Auto-generate and export priority-ranked lists of these accounts and their prospects
  • Use powerful intent insights to create highly personalized outreach to brand-engaged prospects
  • See metrics to measure advertising influence and engagement with the ROI Dashboard
  • Get access to new target account pools that refresh weekly

There are three Brand Accelerator options to fit your goals. Once activated, new custom account lists will automatically appear on the account list creation page corresponding to the option(s) you choose:

  • Target ads to accounts from a custom account or ABM list
  • Target ads to accounts active within your Priority Engine market segments
  • Target ads to accounts that have visited your website
    • This is accomplished using the Priority Engine Inbound Converter

Once Brand Accelerator is activated in your account the ROI Dashboard will update to track the following metrics:


  • Total Accounts Reached
  • Total Impressions
  • Unique Accounts Engaged
  • Unique Accounts Engaged via Syndication
  • Unique Accounts Engaged via Banners
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