Priority Engine User Roles

Priority Engine User Roles

Managing Users

Create and Edit User Profiles


Priority Engine User Roles

Priority Engine user roles determine which features individuals have access to in Priority Engine. A user's role is determined when they are first added to Priority Engine. It can be changed at any time by Administrators and List Builders by editing a user's profile. Any user can check their permissions by editing their profile from their home page.

There are four types of users in Priority Engine. If you are unsure of your role, you can check by going to the Home screen in Priority Engine and clicking on Edit Profile.


Administrators have full access to Priority Engine features. This includes creating Account Lists, assigning Account Lists, managing exports, activating Salesforce Account View Syncing, accessing the ROI Dashboard, and managing other users. Administrators have the ability to change other user's roles and permissions.

List Builder

List Builders can create Account Lists, assign Account Lists, and manage other users - including the ability to change other user's role and permissions. They do not have the ability to manage exports. This role is typically assigned to sales managers and field/channel marketers.

List Supervisor

List Supervisors can view their own Accounts Lists and view other user's Account Lists. They do not have the ability to create Account Lists, assign Account Lists, edit user profiles, or manage exports. This role is typically assigned to sales managers or to BDRs that support other sales reps and therefore need access to their lists and territories.

Read Only

Read Only is the most common user role. They are limited to viewing only the Account Lists an Administrator or List Builder has given them access to. They can also edit their personal profile. This role is typically assigned to all types of sales reps.

Refer to the following table to determine what permissions your user role includes:


Managing Users

The Manage Users page allows you to assign Account Lists to users, view all Account List assignments, add new users, subscribe users to Email Alerts, and edit user profiles. This makes monitoring and updating your team's details quick and easy. To access the Manage Users page, click the Users button underneath the Manage section within the left-hand navigation.

Please Note: Only Priority Engine Administrators and List Builders can manage users.


1: Add a new user or search for a user at the top of the page.

2: Edit a user's profile, access their activation link, or enable Salesforce Account List View Syncing. Activating Salesforce Account List View Syncing will begin the process of populating Priority Engine with a user's Salesforce Account List Views. Once initially synced, these will appear in your Account List Creation screen and in the Territory Definition screen.

3: Click on the drop-down arrow beside a user to view the Account Lists they have access to, or to add or remove access to Accounts Lists.

4: Give or remove access to an individual Account List using the Yes/No toggle.

5: Give or remove access to ALL Account Lists using the Add/Remove Access button.

6:  Subscribe users to Email Alerts using the checkbox under the Email Alert Recipients column. To send a copy of a user's Email Alerts to additional recipients, enter their email address in the Select additional users to Cc box. Please note that the selected recipients must have a Priority Engine account, and they will receive an exact copy of the user’s Email Alerts – they will not be modified to the recipient’s territory criteria. As there are no limits to receiving Cc'd email alerts, we recommend using this feature only when necessary.

Create and Edit User Profiles

When your team expands, or an existing user's information changes, Administrators and List Builders can add a new user or edit a user's profile from the Manage Users page within the left-hand navigation menu. Individual users may also manage their profiles from their Home page.

Adding Users


1. Click on the Add User button at the top right-hand side of the Manage Users page.


2. On the Define User Profile page, fill in the user’s Name, Job Title, Job Function, Country, Email, and Permission/User Role. If you would like to define a territory, switch the Territory toggle to Enabled and click the Create User and edit Territory definition button. This will take you to the Territory definition page. Otherwise, leave the Territory toggle set to Off and click the Create User button.


3. After the user profile is created, and after you have defined their territory if you have chosen to do so, a pop-up window will appear with an access link. Forward this link to the user so they can complete their user setup. If you accidentally close this window, you can always re-send this activation link from the Manage Users page.

Editing User Profiles

1: Click on the Edit Profile button to the right of the desired user on the Manage Users page. Individual users can access their profile by clicking Edit Profile from their Home page.

2: On the User Profile page, add or edit the user's profile information and then click the Save User button.


Deleting User Profiles

The ability to remove user profiles is currently limited to TechTarget users. If you would like to have a user profile deleted, please submit a ticket by clicking the "Help?" button on the bottom right of your screen in Knowledge Base.

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