What is an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)?

An Ideal Customer Profile, often referred to as ICP, is a checklist of firmographic, technographic, and intent characteristics that reflect the type of account your company believes is most likely to result in business. ICP is a useful tool for both sales and marketing professionals to quickly identify best fit accounts and focus on companies in your sweet spot.

You have the option to set an ICP in Priority Engine if you choose. Once selected, ICP becomes an additional element in your custom account ranking algorithm so that best-fit accounts will be prioritized. If an account matches your ICP, it will be clearly labeled on the Account List page, Account Summary page and within the Priority Engine for Salesforce Widget.

Customers can define their ICP based on the following characteristics:

How to Define ICP

Most companies already have a general idea of what an ideal customer looks like, but if defining your ICP is a new exercise for your company, we recommend involving sales and marketing early on in the process. This ensures that marketing can effectively run campaigns aligned to your ICP and that sales will prioritize following up with these accounts.

Consider the following factors when defining your ICP:

  • Historical sales data: What are some shared qualities of companies where you either win or lose deals?
  • Profiles of renewing clients: What are some shared qualities of your most loyal clients?
  • Strategic business goals: Is your company focused on converting small business or enterprises? Are you focused on gaining market share in a particular vertical?
  • Competition & Partnerships: Are there any other technologies that your product integrates with? Improves? Makes obsolete?
  • Value Proposition: Are there certain technology problems that you solve better than your competition or are the best entry-points into deals?

To set your ICP, contact your TechTarget representative and they will work with you to help define and activate it.

Filtering by Your ICP

When creating or editing an account list you have the option to include any, include all, or exclude ICP accounts in your results. This enables you to focus in on accounts that your company has deemed as best-fit or to explore accounts outside of your ICP definition.

Please note: This filter in your account list creation screen only toggles filtering by ICP. If you would like to make edits to your defined ICP please contact your TechTarget representative.

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