Use Account Purchase Signals to Increase Lead Scores

All Priority Engine prospects are pre-filtered and prioritized based on activity and should be weighted higher than unknown contacts.

Use account purchase signals as a way to increase your prospect lead scores and to improve MQL-SQL conversions. If you create an Account List segmented by purchase signals, you can easily export the results and increase the prospect scores within your marketing automation system.

  1. Create a new Account List, name it, and write a description for additional context.
  2. The Purchase Signals option is located under Additional Filters. Purchase_Signals.jpg
  3. Select the purchase signal(s) you wish to target. In this example, we have selected the Late Stage signal. Purchase_Signals_Late_Stage.jpg
  4. Click the Apply Selections button to save your selected purchase signal.
  5. Click Save Account List at the top of the page.
  6. Assign access to this list from the Manage Account Lists page or set up exports from the Manage Exports page.
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