The Do's and Don'ts of an Intelligence-Driven Sale


  • Treat this call as a cold call:  This prospect may not have engaged with you yet, so don't assume they know your brand or have read about your solutions.
  • Make it pertinent to the prospect: Use Priority Engine’s Intent Signals to approach them in the most relevant way and reference their interests and business challenges.
  • Offer them the gift of relevant content: Suggest a white paper, analyst report, video demo, or webinar sales presentation based on the topics they're interested in.
  • Use both calling and emailing: Approach the prospect through multiple forms of outreach, including phone, email, and social media.


  • Contact only one prospect:  Target the entire buying team instead of just focusing on one contact based on their title or role.
  • Play Big Brother: Sharing too much the prospect's tracked research journey is the easiest way to kill a conversation. Don't start a call with this - “I know you’ve been researching XYZ topic on TechTarget and downloaded white papers from XYZ Vendor...”
  • Just focus on qualifying project details (budget, timeline, authority):  Focus the call on your solution and how it solves a key customer challenge. Create the opportunity by providing value instead of assuming the opportunity exists and trying to qualify it.

Watch this video for a more in-depth view of the Do's and Don'ts of an intent driven sale.

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