Seven Steps to Better Lead Scoring

While marketing automation and lead management systems improve lead qualification, there are still many ways to optimize lead response and conversion with or without these solutions in place.  Below you will find 7 Steps to help execute better lead scoring to increase demand and improve the lead nurturing process.

  1. Align Sales and Marketing to ensure agreement and qualification of leads. When sales and marketing teams work together, companies became 67% better at closing deals and generated 208% more revenue from marketing.

  2. Don't treat all activities the same.  Attribute higher point values to actions that indicate stronger intent to buy. If a site visitor spends time on a product page or watches a full video, assign those actions more points than just a home page visit. Additionally, look at actions like content downloads and dwell time and assign more points to prospects who show purchase intent. Many Priority Engine subscribers automatically attribute higher scores to Active Prospects due to their recent and relevant research activity.

  3. Use negative scoring.  Decrease points for unproductive activity.  For example, visits to non-product based pages (investor/careers page), spam complaints, or fake data.

  4. Monitor social engagements.  84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions. Positive social engagement should hold weight and increase scoring (shares, engagements, follows, etc.).

  5. Map your content. Core attributes to identify during a content audit are the life cycle stage, authorship, content goal, and format. To help yield better lead scoring of your content, map your assets, and scale point value based on these key attributes.

  6. Open your line of sight: It’s been reported that a considered vendor is likely to only capture 12% of the mindshare during a buyer's journey. The best way to capture more mindshare from your prospects is to layer in purchase intent data from accurate intent sources like Priority Engine.  Use the intelligence to increase scores and tailor your messages to them based on this insight.

  7. Measure, Review, and Refine: Don't rest on your laurels, continuously monitor and optimize your scoring to ensure you’re getting the right leads/outputs.
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