Run Conquesting Email Campaigns by Targeting Competitor Installs

Competitive conquesting is an excellent way to target and acquire new customers who may not be satisfied with their current vendors.

Priority Engine with HG Insights allows you to create conquesting email lists and target accounts where your competitors’ solutions are installed. Using the Installed Technologies filter, you can create a customized Account List based on content downloads from specific vendors. To do so, follow these steps:

1: Create a new Account List, name it, and write a description for additional context.


2:  Click on the Installed Technologies filter under Common Filters.


3: Search for your competitor's name. In this example, we searched for Amazon.

4: Select which technology categories or specific installed products you would like included for the prospects on your list by clicking on them. We chose all products under the Cloud Services category.

Please Note: You may filter by multiple companies and products by repeating steps 2-4.

5: Click the Apply Selections button to save your selected Installed Technologies.

6: Click Save Account List at the top of the page.

7: Assign access to this list from the Manage Account Lists page or set up exports from the Manage Exports page.

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