What is a Confirmed Project?

What is a Confirmed Project?

What is a Confirmed Project Insider?



What is a Confirmed Project?

Confirmed Projects are detailed reports on live projects in your market segment that have been verified by a Confirmed Project Insider. Confirmed Projects provide additional insights to help sales teams uncover new opportunities, prioritize calling and email efforts, and take advantage of additional intent insights to further personalize their outreach.

Confirmed Projects are the primary component of the Sales Accelerator package. If you're not currently using Confirmed Projects and would like to get access, please contact your TechTarget representative.

Customers who have access to Confirmed Projects will automatically see a new Account List appear in their navigation sidebar. This Confirmed Project list includes all of the Confirmed Projects in your market segment organized by the most recent:


If an account has a Confirmed Project this will automatically be indicated in any Account List where the account is displayed:


Clicking on an account will lead you to a full Confirmed Project report, including contact information for the Confirmed Project Insider:



Every Confirmed Project report includes three sections:

  1. Demographics: Project insider contact information, their role in the purchase, and the project location
  2. Interview findings and conclusions: detailing the purchase intent provided by the Project Insider. This section will give sellers access to the current challenges, desired outcomes of a technology purchase, budget stage, and vendor short list
  3. Best practices for outreach: including a sample email template to help you get started, as well as our proven best practices for engaging the Project Insider

What is a Confirmed Project Insider?

Confirmed Project Insider is an opt-in member of the TechTarget network who has verified with a TechTarget research assistant that there is an active technology project happening at their company.

Why do Confirmed Project Insiders give us this information?

TechTarget is a trusted resource for technology buyers all over the world. That's why many of our members agree to share key details about their projects in exchange for our help with their research.

Once we have the information we need to assist them, we provide the insider with additional in-depth content to help them find the right solution. In exchange for this content, the Confirmed Project Insider agrees to be contacted by our vendor partners.

The information they provide is then put through a rigorous qualification process to ensure that the project, the details, and the insider themselves are verified for quality, recency, and relevancy.


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