Understanding Salesforce Integration Components

There are multiple ways Priority Engine can help improve your Salesforce experience. While a complete integration is the best way to take advantage of all of our Salesforce enhancements, we will work with you to plot the best course of action based on your current systems and workflow. 

The components listed below were designed to be flexible in order to fit into your process. All integration options are only available for Salesforce Enterprise Edition.

Automatically export Priority Engine prospects to MAP and CRM 

Prerequisites: None

  • Reduces time spent on list management by automatically exporting Priority Engine prospects directly into your Marketing Automation System or CRM 
  • It is recommended that all Priority Engine prospect data is exported into your MAP first before syncing with your CRM
  • Flexible exporting options are available

Priority Engine Insights Widget

Prerequisites: None

  • Brings account insights directly in Salesforce Account, Lead, and Contact pages
  • Gives sellers quick access to account scores, Entry Points and engagements
  • The Priority Engine Widget is a prerequisite to activate all following integration options

Priority Engine Insights Tab

Prerequisites: Priority Engine Insights Widget, Salesforce Lightning

  • Replicates the Priority Engine in-tool experience by bringing Priority Engine account and prospect insights directly into Salesforce
  • When coupled with Prospect Match (see below), the Insights Tab enables sellers to see if Priority Engine prospects already exist in Salesforce and add new prospects with one click
  • Only available for Salesforce Lightning

Prospect Match

Prerequisites: Priority Engine Insights Widget

  • Shows sellers when Priority Engine prospects are already in their Salesforce instance
  • Enables reps to add new prospects to Salesforce directly within Priority Engine
  • When coupled with the Insights Tab, sellers can also add new Priority Engine prospects directly within Salesforce

Account View Syncing

Prerequisites: Priority Engine Insights Widget

  • Enables duplication of Salesforce Account Views in Priority Engine
  • Synced Salesforce Account Views are automatically kept up-to-date when changes are made in Salesforce
  • Allows you to create Account Lists and define territories in Priority Engine based on Salesforce Account Views

Pipeline Match

Prerequisites: Priority Engine Insights Widget

  • Measure and prove the impact of your Priority Engine efforts on sales pipeline
  • Matches current Salesforce opportunities to accounts and prospects you have engaged from Priority Engine
  • Used to calculate pipeline impact statistics within the Priority Engine ROI Dashboard
  • One-click activation requires no setup to begin attribution
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