Overview: Priority Engine with Salesforce

Customers who integrate Priority Engine with Salesforce benefit from enhanced contact and account data, improved workflows, increased sales productivity, and reduced administration time. This page provides a high-level overview of the benefits and components of full Salesforce integration.

For an overview of the Salesforce Integration with Priority Engine and it's benefits, watch this short video:

For more details on specific components, please refer to Understanding Salesforce Integration Components or click on the links below.


Automatically import new Priority Engine prospects into Salesforce

Requirements: Priority Engine to MAP Integration, MAP to Salesforce Integration

Spend less time manually uploading lists and ensure your sellers are always working the best prospects in their territory. Automatically import new Priority Engine prospects into your marketing automation system and sync them to Salesforce. Valuable intent insights and Entry Points can easily be appended to new contacts via custom field mapping. 

Find new prospects who are not in Salesforce. Add them with one click.

Requirements: Prospect Match, Priority Engine Insights Widget
Enhanced Feature Requirements: Priority Engine Insights Tab, Salesforce Lightning

Give your sellers the ability to see if a Priority Engine prospect already exists in Salesforce and add new prospects from Priority Engine to Salesforce with one click. For Lightning users, Prospect Match is also available directly within Salesforce via the Priority Engine Insights Tab integration. Prospects added using the Prospect Match feature do not count against your prospect export cap. 

Give sellers up-to-date account and prospect insights directly in Salesforce

Requirements: Priority Engine Insights Tab, Priority Engine Insights Widget

The Priority Engine Insights Tab and Insights Widget extend detailed Priority Engine account and prospect intelligence to all Account, Lead, and Contact records to help improve sales productivity and effectiveness. Leverage insights about accounts and individual prospects to better inform discovery and create more personalized messages.

Build intent-driven call lists and sales cadences

Enabled with: MAP or CRM syncing

Give your reps the ability to act on their best opportunities by creating lists of Priority Engine prospects in Salesforce prioritized by their recent and relevant research behavior. Push hot prospects with shared interests and intent from Salesforce into Sales Engagement Platforms to support hyper-personalized sales outreach at scale. 

Streamline territory management by syncing Salesforce Account Views to Priority Engine

Enabled with: Priority Engine Insights Widget, Account View Sync

Salesforce Account Views can be automatically synced and updated directly in Priority Engine. Synced Salesforce Account Views can be used to help define rep territories in Priority Engine, streamline territory and campaign management, and increase rep productivity by prioritizing the accounts in their views based on recent and relevant purchase intent. 

Understand the impact of Priority Engine on your pipeline

Enabled with: Priority Engine Insights Widget, Pipeline Match

Sync your Salesforce opportunities with Priority Engine to understand the impact of Priority Engine on each stage of your pipeline. Priority Engine will automatically match the accounts where you have created opportunities to the accounts and prospects you've engaged and exported from Priority Engine. This feature can be activated by Priority Engine Administrators with one click.

Learn more about using Priority Engine intent with your Salesfore account here.

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