Best practices to better enable your sales team

We recently chatted with Melissa Doerksen, Global Campaign Lead at Hitachi Vantara, to learn how they generated 30% more opportunities and influenced 45% of their pipeline using Priority Engine.

Read on to learn Melissa's top tactics for better enabling your sales team with Priority Engine data and insights.

Implementing Priority Engine into your organization

• Identify a sales champion

If you want your entire sales team to adopt Priority Engine, a critical first step is to identify a sales leader who will be your internal champion and Priority Engine "beta tester." Find someone the sales team trusts and set up regular check-in meetings to ensure they understand how to use the tool, the power behind the data, and the best ways to use the insight in their day-to-day work. It's also recommended that you have this leader participate in group sales meetings to share their success and process changes.  Once the sales team sees positive results from their efforts, it will be easier to work toward cross-departmental goals and build better alignment between sales and marketing teams. 

PRO TIP: Get alignment on your Priority Engine lists. Review lists and rep territories you want to add into Priority Engine with sales to ensure they match up. This way, your reps feel confident they are reaching the people they care about.

• Join forces with Sales Ops

Sales operations are another key player in making Priority Engine a part of your sales process. Identify a sales ops leader and work together to integrate Priority Engine into your CRM and sales engagement tools. Your sales ops champion will be the person to ensure the integration gets prioritized, everything is set up correctly, and continues to run smoothly. If needed, provide a short business case to help educate sales operations about Priority Engine data and increase the level of urgency behind the integration request. This business case is something sales leadership should also support to ensure proper prioritization in the queue. 

Gaining seller adoption

Leverage your TechTarget Customer Success team

The TechTarget Customer Success team is a valuable free resource that can help educate your sellers and encourage adoption. From team-wide sales onboardings - to one-off questions, the TechTarget team is there to help. Start by scheduling a large sales onboarding session with your dedicated representative to get your sales team comfortable with the tool. After that, consider setting up smaller "refresher" training for new or existing reps as needed.

Share what works and celebrate wins

Make it a regular habit to publically share examples of wins and best practices from successful reps. This will help your sellers connect the dots between the insights they see in the tool to the practical ways they should use them to hit their specific KPIs. You can also share TechTarget best practice articlestraining videos, and TechTarget Customer Success training.

• Identify common best practices that lead to success

Interview successful sellers to uncover common tactics that make Priority Engine work best for them. For example, if more successful reps are using Prospect Match to add new contacts into Salesforce and into cadences/sequences, share this tactic with the rest of the team to encourage better behavior.

Gamifying results

Creating healthy competition for the sales team is a fun way to encourage adoption and show a correlation between Priority Engine usage and closing more deals.

• Leaderboard rankings

Share rep rankings of Priority Engine usage with the sales organization every month (ask your TechTarget Customer Success Rep for this report). Show the positive correlation between Priority Engine usage and hitting KPIs. Shout out the highly active power users who are hitting their goals.

PRO TIP: Turn the leaderboard rankings into a competition. Give the top 5 reps gift cards to reward their efforts. Also, don't forget to include sales leadership and other relevant departments on the email so they can further recognize successful sellers! 

• Call Blitzes

Use Priority Engine for call blitz campaigns with clearly defined goals and lists to target. For example, one of Hitachi’s sellers spends two hours every other week calling their Top Prospect lists to boost the number of meetings booked. It’s a great way to challenge reps, increase engagement and hit goals!

Interested in hearing more about how Hitachi sees success? Watch the full webinar interview here.

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