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What is an Account List?

How to Create an Account List

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What is an Account List?

Account Lists are a collection of active accounts with common characteristics determined by you. Account Lists are priority ranked each week based on research activity, ICP, and engagements with you.

Account Lists are flexible and powerful ways of looking at activity in your market. You can filter Account Lists by interests, purchase stage, company size, industry, named account match, installed technologies, and more. Click here to learn how to create an Account List.

Account Lists can be found on a user's home screen where they can view and filter any Account List by Account rank or Prospect rank. When ranked by Account, the chosen Account List will return every Account that meets your criteria in descending order of activity level. When ranked by Prospect, the chosen Account List will return a list of prospects across all Accounts that meet your list criteria in descending order of activity.

Please Note: Only Priority Engine Administrators and List-Builders are allowed to create, edit, and assign Account Lists. Visit our page on user roles to learn more.


How to Create an Account List

Account Lists are flexible yet powerful building blocks that enable Priority Engine to be used for a wide variety of marketing and sales initiatives. The most common Account Lists can be built in as few as 3-5 steps. This page will cover essential steps to creating the vast majority of Account Lists.

Please Note: Only Administrators and List Builders have the ability to create Account Lists.

To manage your Account Lists, click on the Account Lists button under the Manage section of the top menu. From the Manage Account Lists screen click on the Create Account List button at the top-right of the page.


Enter Basic Information


1: Determine a name for your list in the Name of account list box.

2: Include specific details about how the Account List is intended to be used in the Description of account list box.

Quick Tip: If you stop and save your list at this stage you will have created a basic Top 200 Ranked Accounts or General Nurture list.

Choose Your Filters 


3: Choose the primary filter your list will use based on your intended use case. In most cases, the primary filter is one or more Topic Interests, Vendor Interests, or Installed Technologies. Keep in mind, the more filters you employ, the more targeted your list will be, but your Account List will return fewer results.

  • Example 1: If you plan to create a nurture campaign based on a specific topical interest, you can select your topic interests and save your list.
  • Example 2: If you would like your sales reps to focus on conquesting against specific competitors, you can select your vendor interests and save your list.
  • Example 3: If you want to advertise a webinar to accounts that have specific types of technology installed, select your Installed Technology(s) and save your list.

Visit our pages on common and advanced filters to learn more about them. Or visit our marketing use cases or sales use case pages for ideas on what types of lists you can build.

Select Your Segment and Save Your List


4: If you subscribe to multiple market segments you have the option to choose which segment your list will return results from. Choosing a Cross Segment will include results from multiple segments.

5: If you would like to view your list results before saving, click on "See results without saving." If you are satisfied with your list, you can either click "Save" to be brought back to your Manage Account Lists page, or click "Save and View Results."

Now that you've created a new Account List, you can assign users access to this list from the Manage Account Lists or Manage Users page and set up exports from the Manage Exports page.

Editing Account Lists

There may be situations when you want to edit previously created Account Lists based on changes to your goals, targets, and/or use cases. The Account Lists editing feature allows you to update your Account List settings without having to recreate them from scratch. Follow these instructions to learn how to edit an existing account list.

Please Note: Only Priority Engine Administrators and List Builders can edit Account Lists.


1: Click on the Account Lists on the Manage drop down.

2: Select the Account List you wish to edit by clicking on Edit beside the Account List name. This will open up the Edit Account List page for the selected Account List.


3: At this stage, you can make any changes you want to your Account List. Click See results without saving to preview results before saving.

4: If you are satisfied with the final results, click the Save button.

5: If you do not want to save the changes, just press the Cancel button and the Account List will go back to its original state.

6: If you wish to keep your original version and save this Account List as a new version, just click the Save as a NEW Account List button. If you select this option, you will have to rename the new version before saving as a new list.

Custom and Imported Account Lists

Priority Engine gives you the ability to upload your own custom lists to discover new prospects at target accounts, promote local events, augment predictive scores, prioritize site visitors, and more.

If you wish to upload a new custom list into Priority Engine, please contact your TechTarget representative and they will immediately upload it for you. After your list upload has been confirmed, please follow the steps below to create a custom Account List. You can add up to five custom account lists or Salesforce synced account views.

Follow the same steps you used to create an Account List. We recommend you name the Account List after the custom list and provide additional description details for future reference.

1: Select the list from the Manually Uploaded Lists drop-down.Manually_Uploaded_Lists.jpg

2: Select if you want to include or exclude this custom list from your Account List.

  • Include Any is typically used if you want to rank a specific ABM list or sales territory by purchase activity.
  • Exclude is typically used if you want to exclude a customer list to target net-new prospects.


3: Click Save Account List at the top of the page.


Using Field Logic

When creating or editing an Account List, you have the option to apply field logic to a number of common and advanced filters. By default, Priority Engine applies "AND" logic across fields in order to return as targeted results as possible. Logic options for each field are as follows:

  • Includes Any - This ensures that accounts that meet any one of your filter requirements will be included in the Account List. This functions the same as "OR" logic.
  • Includes All - This ensures that accounts that meet every filter requirement will be included in the Account List. This functions the same as "AND" logic.
  • Exclude - This ensures that accounts that meet the designated filter requirement are removed from your results.
  • Only - this option is only available for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Selecting this option will limit results to accounts that match your ICP.

 Use "OR" logic across fields - toggling this feature reverses Priority Engine's default setting to return the most targeted list and instead returns the broadest list possible. By using "OR" logic across fields you are choosing to return accounts that meet any one of your filter requirements.

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