Improve LinkedIn InMail Prospecting and Outreach with Priority Engine

This article will give you an overview of how you can use Priority Engine to improve LinkedIn cold email outreach.

● Gain insight into a prospect's technology interests and research behavior

LinkedIn is a great place to find new prospects and better understand their personal interests and career achievements. Still, it does have weaknesses that Priority Engine can help you overcome.

The majority of LinkedIn activity is related to people posting, liking, and sharing content focused on their company, career, and highlights about friends and co-workers. It's not a forum for technology buyers to conduct research.

LinkedIn does not capture, share, or provide sellers with information about what technology their prospects are currently researching or if they're evaluating competitors. – critical data points needed to prioritize prospects, form discovery questions, and customize messaging. Outside of job title or function, there is no easy way to identify or prioritize prospects who are looking to buy solutions in your market.

In addition to LinkedIn's personal and career interest data, Priority Engine can provide additional insight into the technology interests and Entry Points for all prospects actively researching on the TechTarget network. It also scores and prioritizes prospects for you based on their recent and relevant research activity, ensuring sellers focus on the right prospects on the LinkedIn network.

● Uncover direct contact information for matched LinkedIn prospects

LinkedIn does not provide the email addresses and phone numbers necessary to reach people outside of the LinkedIn platform, which can be frustrating for sellers trained to engage contacts across multiple channels (email, phone, social, etc.). It's especially challenging now that more companies rely on InMail as a critical communication channel. As more and more InMail inboxes fill up, it's just getting harder to get a response (or even an open).

When matched*, Priority Engine enhances LinkedIn contact data by providing the critical contact information sellers need to reach prospects outside of LinkedIn, including phone numbers and corporate email addresses.

*How do you know if we have a match?
It's easy. When Priority Engine identifies a prospect with a matched LinkedIn profile, we will surface a small LinkedIn logo next to the prospect's name. All you need to do is click on this logo to go to their LinkedIn profile.


You can also search for any LinkedIn prospect on Priority Engine to see if they are active with TechTarget. Just a reminder, Priority Engine will only surface accounts that have been recently researching technology in your market segment. There will be many cases where you will search for a prospect from LinkedIn who works for a company that is not in-market right now. In this situation, the prospect will not appear in Priority Engine.  We recommend starting with Priority Engine prospects first and then looking them up on LinkedIn for additional insights.


LinkedIn prospect URLs can be passed as fields via your automatic prospect imports into marketing automation, via Salesforce Prospect Match, or within our standard CSV export file. You can work with TechTarget's integration team to ensure this is set up correctly.

● Increase InMail response with emails personalized to a prospect's recent technology research.

LinkedIn InMail is becoming a primary channel for sales outreach. Unfortunately, just like email, InMail inboxes are now inundated with irrelevant emails and noise.

Priority Engine is proven to increase outbound email response because it gives sellers the ability to target in-market buyers with a message tailored to their technology challenges and needs. Leveraging Priority Engine Entry Point data, sellers can quickly customize InMail messages to reflect not only their interests on LinkedIn but the specific technologies they are researching right now.

Here is an example of how to use both LinkedIn and Priority Engine insights to engage:

  • I quickly went into Priority Engine and sorted my territory list using the Top Prospect's view.
  • I then clicked on a prospect who recently researched my Entry Point topics of Cloud Security and Cloud Migration Strategy.
  • Next, I clicked on the LinkedIn logo next to his name and went to his profile.


  • I noticed he recently shared and commented on a post from a Personal Trainer about how in life you need to "take action" to see success vs. waiting for everything to be perfect or line up just right.

  • I used my insights about his technology research behavior (from Priority Engine) plus his personal career interests (from LinkedIn) to create this customized email that could be sent to his InMail or direct using his contact information provided in Priority Engine.




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