Integration Requirements

Installing Priority Engine with Marketo



Priority Engine with Marketo brings the power of Account Lists directly into your marketing automation process. Easily boost the performance of your Smart Campaigns through direct Marketo integration.

Benefits Include:

  • Optimize your investments by automatically exporting Priority Engine Account Lists directly into Marketo.
  • Infuse Smart Lists and new highly-qualified contacts every week to boost MQL generation.
  • Get the most out of your Priority Engine subscription by ensuring all available prospects are being leveraged for nurture.
  • No manual manipulation of data required.  Exported Priority Engine prospect data matches your Marketo standard fields.

Integration Requirements

Setting up Priority Engine with Marketo is a simple process that can be completed in minutes.

1: Set up Marketo API access for TechTarget

  • Create an API-Only rule and user
  • Create and configure a custom service

2:  Set up field mapping and preferred export settings

  • TechTarget will map Priority Engine data to your template to ensure smooth data transfer.
  • You choose to create only new prospects or update data for existing Marketo leads.

3: Configure Smart List or identify fields to insert prospects into nurture 

  • Use the Priority Engine prospect code or the field of your choice to route prospects into the correct nurture stream.

Installing Priority Engine with Marketo

Creating a Marketo API User

1: Access the Admin Section of Marketo


2: Select Users & Roles


3: Click Invite New User


4: Create the API User Info


  • Enter an Email Address For example, note: this does not need to be a valid email
  • Enter a First Name “API” is recommended for this so you can identify user as an API
  • Enter a Last Name “TechTarget” is recommended for this so you can identify this as the API for TechTarget
  • Enter a Reason “API User for Integrating TechTarget Products/Services with Marketo” is recommended to provide additional info
  • Set the Access Expires Date Never is recommended for this so that Integration does not begin to fail, if expire is not updated promptly upon meeting the expiration date
  • Click NEXT to continue with setup

5: Create the API User Permissions


  • Select the appropriate Role for the API User It is recommended that an API Role is created for this
  • Check the API Only box
  • Click Next to continue

6: Create the API User Message

  • Click Send to complete the setup process


  • Confirm that the New User has been created


Creating the API Service to generate a Client ID & Client Secret

1: Access the Marketo Admin Section


2: Select Launchpoint in the Integration Section


3: Create a New Service for the TechTarget to Marketo Integration.


4: Enter a Display Name (TechTarget Integration) is recommended.


5: Select Custom as the Service.


6: Enter a Description of the Service (Automate Imports to Lead Database from TT) is recommended


7: Assign the API User created for TechTarget as the API Only User.


8: Click Create to complete the process.


9: Click on View Details for the Service created to TechTarget’s Integration with Marketo to see the Client ID & Client Secret


10: Copy the Client Id & Client Secret and provide this to TechTarget


Getting the Rest API URL Required for Integration

1: Access the Marketo Admin Section.


2: Select Web Services in the Integration Section


3: Scroll down to the REST API Section


4: Copy the Endpoint URL and provide this to TechTarget



Export field/field headers from Marketo

1: Go to the Admin


2: Select Field Management


3: Click Export Field Names



Exported Excel will contain the REST API (required for PE to Marketo), SOAP API & Friendly Names.

REST API Name SOAP API Name Friendly Label
Address Address Address
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