How to use Priority Engine to increase webinar attendance

It’s no surprise that the recent spike in digital events has made it harder to attract and convert qualified webinar attendees. This article will show you how to use Priority Engine’s insights to cut through the noise and boost attendance at your next event.

Choose an event topic and title

Priority Engine’s ROI Dashboard is a great place to start if you need help selecting a topic, title, or theme for your next event. Using the Market Breakout section, you can quickly identify the top topics of interest across all accounts and prospects in your TAM.
Here’s how:
1. Navigate to the ROI Dashboard in Priority Engine and scroll down to the Market Breakout section.

2. Select Show me: In-Market Accounts. In the last dashboard in this section, you will see an overview of the Top 5 Topics to help you determine which topics your top prospects are most interested in right now.

For example, if one of your most researched topics is security analytics, you may want to make sure you cover this topic in one of your webinars.


Decide who to invite

Once you’ve defined your webinar topic, the next step is to identify who to invite. Priority Engine can help with this too.

1. First, create your invite list by building a dedicated Account List in Priority Engine and naming it something identifiable like ‘Security Analytics October Webinar.’

2. Add any necessary filters before saving your list. We recommend keeping your list as broad as possible and not adding additional filters outside of topic interests to ensure you have a large enough pool to recruit from. The more filters you add, the harder it will be to see a boost from this effort, especially in today’s crowded event market.

Note: We always recommend working with your Customer Success Manager to determine the best approach for webinar invitation lists.


Promote your event

Prepare your list: Once you’ve created your webinar account list, you’ll have immediate access to new active prospects to invite to your webinar. To save time, we recommend automatically importing this list into your marketing automation system every week via automatic or manual exports.

You can work with your Customer Success Manager to set this up, or if you prefer to do it yourself, you can follow the steps below (admin permissions required).

1. Navigate to Manage on the top navigation bar and select Exports.
2. Select your invitation list.
3. Select ‘TechTarget Leads’ and ‘Active Prospects’ as these are both opt-in contact types.
4. Make sure ‘select previously exported prospects’ is flipped on. This will continue to feed your nurture stream with prospects as they are actively researching.
5. Switch on automatic export weekly.
6. Add your attribution code to measure the success of the campaign.


For more information on exporting details, check out our Manage Exports article here.

Personalize your invitation

Priority Engine gives you all the insights you need to personalize your invitations and increase response. We recommend starting simple by pulling in only 1-2 common interests shared by everyone on your invitation list (for example, Security Analytics).

Below is a sample email that uses the topic interest data from Priority Engine to customize this invitation.


We would like to invite you to join us on October 25th at 2:00 pm EST to learn from ABC Corps leading security expert Sally Smith, as she details how the new era of security analytics software will change the way you identify and prevent ransomware attacks.

If ransomware prevention is a priority for INSERT COMPANY NAME, please register today to attend (LINK TO WEBINAR) and add it to your calendar here. (LINK TO CALENDAR INVITE)

We look forward to seeing you on October 25th and will be available to answer your questions live after the main session ends.”

Pro tip: We recommend starting your webinar promotion at least 2-4 weeks before the event to maximize attendance.

Get sales to promote it

Don’t forget to get your sales team to promote the event too. Did you know you can give individual sales reps access to your invite list right within Priority Engine? This way, they can quickly call or email prospects directly out of the tool to supplement your broader marketing efforts.

To give your sellers access to your invite list, all you have to do is:

1. Add reps to your webinar account list (admin permissions required):
           • Go to Manage Account Lists
           • Select your webinar account list
           • Assign desired users to the selected account list by entering their email address and click “give                   user access to this list.”
* Note: Your Customer Success Manager can do this for you if you choose

Pro Tip: Select Enable Email Alerts to ensure sellers receive weekly emails with newly active prospects on your webinar list – a great reminder to engage.

Once you have added the desired sales reps to your webinar list, they can use Priority Engine to tailor their invites. Sellers can leverage a similar email template provided above or customize it based on their relationship with the contact.

We also recommend calling prospects to invite them to your webinar. Below is a sample voicemail script using Priority Engine insights.

I’m reaching out today to invite you to our upcoming webinar WEBINAR TITLE on WEBINAR DATE, where we will be discussing how our security analytics solution has helped companies like PROSPECT’S COMPANY protect against ransomware attacks.
To register, just visit SHORT CTA LINK or call me back at REP NUMBER, and I can register you myself.

Post-event follow-up: Convert your attendees to meetings

Don’t forget to reach out to your attendees to thank them after your webinar has concluded. We recommend sending a personalized thank you email to help build the relationship.

In addition to sending personalized thank you emails, Priority Engine can help you uncover additional insights and prospects from the accounts that attended your webinar.

1. Create a post-event marketing list by uploading the list of accounts that attended your event into Priority Engine. This list should include all accounts that attended, whether they were on your original recruitment list or not.

Note: Your Customer Success Manager will have to upload your list for you.

2. Export this new list of post-event prospects from Priority Engine into your MAP/CRM and put them into a relevant nurture stream and sales cadence.

Remember, most of the prospects on this list did not attend the webinar, but someone from the company did. This approach ensures that you’re surrounding the entire active buying team, which should expand your influence with these engaged accounts and help accelerate the sales process as deals develop.

Pro tip: Get the most out of your webinar by using the filtering capabilities in your MAP/CRM to promote the on-demand version of your event to Priority Engine prospects who did not attend.

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